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Modi, Mufti used threat of nuclear annihilation as sort of PUBG game: Omar

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Srinagar, Apr 22: NC leader Omar Abdullah Monday said the threat of nuclear annihilation was not like a PUBG game where one can hit the reset button to restore normal life, as he criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti for their remarks.

The former chief minister was reacting to Modi’s speech at an election rally Sunday in which he had said that India’s nuclear bombs were not kept for Diwali.

Responding to Modi’s statement, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti earlier Monday said Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal too were not for Eid.

Abdullah criticised both these remarks.

“Whether Diwali or Eid, both PM Modi & Ms Mufti have used the threat of nuclear annihilation as some sort of PUBG type game where they can just hit the reset button & life will carry on. Both of them would be well served to remember #Hiroshima & #Nagasaki when issuing such threats,” Abdullah said in a tweet.

Modi Sunday said, “India has stopped getting scared of Pakistan’s threats. I did right, didn’t I? Else every other day, they used to say ‘we have nuclear button’, our newspapers would also say the same, then what do we have? Have we kept it (nuclear button) for Diwali?”

Reacting to it, Mehbooba said in a tweet, “If India hasn’t kept nuclear bomb for Diwali, it’s obvious Pakistan’s not kept theirs for Eid either. Don’t know why PM Modi must stoop so low & reduce political discourse to this.”

Responding to online criticism of her statement, the PDP president said it was disturbing that Mahatma Gandhi’s India was baying for blood.

“To be trolled for it by RW (right-wing) is amusing & baffling. Does one have to be enthusiastic about nuclear war to earn the credentials of a true patriot? Disturbing that Gandhi’s India is baying for blood,” she said.

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