Zeeshan Rasool Khan

Innocence Bleeding: Time to Introspect!

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Recently, the Hazara community again suffered at the hands of enemies of humanity leaving dozens of its members dead. Unfortunately, the Hazara Community has remained a soft target for the fundamentalists for no less than two decades now. Each family of this community has a crestfallen story to narrate. They have lost their people to brutality and there seems to be no end. And what adds insult to their injuries is the fact they do not know for what crime they are being prosecuted so inhumanely.

Time and again, we come to read in popular as well as social media that they are possibly persecuted for holding different religious ideology. Next, that makes our heads to hang in shame is that the culprits allegedly belong to the religion Islam. One can ask, is having a different point of view a sin? And if it is, who are we to pronounce the punishment. Not only on a weekly basis but also routinely, we listen to Quran from pulpits, read it in our homes, sermons delivered to masses on its basis, but have we ever tried to implement it? Who among the believers does not know that Quran says ‘for you your religion and for me, my religion’ (al- Kafirun 109:6) and makes another clear decree at another place when it says ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ (al Baqarah, 2:256).

These and many more verses appropriately resolve the sectarian matters and ordain Ummah not to impose opinions on each other by way of force. If no one agrees with your ideology, let people follow their own and all one has to do is to invite people towards the righteous path. This rule is applicable even for non-Muslims let alone Muslims. Nevertheless, our own people who also believe in the oneness of God and His messenger Muhammad (pbuh) nonetheless with minute variations in belief are facing worst times.

Allah further says: Whosoever kills an innocent person, it is as if he has killed all humanity. (Al-maidah 5:32). Thus, no one can justify killing. Killing is completely interdicted in Islam and in simple words, a Muslim cannot be a Killer. Therefore, there is no question of invoking religion in the victimization of innocent people. Perpetrators and their allies will achieve nothing out of this savagery, not even any worldly benefit and the religious advantage is unthinkable. Yes, they are factually blackening their face but spilling of innocent blood anguishes all peace-loving people globally. No human being could bear such cold-blooded murders. Really, such attacks bring a bad name to humanity and to the religion that is ignorantly used as a shield. Such atrocious acts, mingled with false religious sentiments attract opprobrium not only for followers but also for religion as well.

These violent episodes blemish the image of Muslims all across the globe. It is not less than a challenge for all of us to deliberate over these tragic happenings. We need to Introspect and scratch our heads about how to protect one another and for protection of our religion from unjust demonization. Also, the masterminds’ behind this gruesome tragedy need to contemplate at least to know how the blood-spilling serves their purpose.

People from every walk of life, from every sect and faith, need to unite to fight extremism tooth and nail. Further, the Government of Pakistan needs to act now. Acting as mute spectators can never halt the cycle of violence. It could only fan the flames of fanaticism and even encourage bigots and offenders. The radical elements responsible for bloodshed need to be dealt sternly and framing of substantial policy for the protection of minorities in particular and common people, in general, is inevitable.

This dreadful attack could also be the part of destabilizing-conspiracy against Pakistan. We cannot rule out that possibility. But, onus again lies on government and also on people to ensure the safety of citizens particularly minorities.

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