Towseef Ahmad

Metaphysics: A Strategic Perspective

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There is news. Smart dispersion of electricity and so called power is also a metaphysical issue. Therefore we should guard our civil rights based on tort doctrines and as a landmark we should initiate and instill justice in the people and among the masses. Instilling justice is instilling values in the people. It is a strategic insight. The future of the law and the law of the future depends upon justice and numinous equity.

Therefore we should abide by the conceptual modeling of the theories and the theoretical tendencies and come up with new suggestions and naturalistic thoughts to improve and promote the well being of the people without any discrimination keeping in check those tendencies that are otherwise harmful and unethical. We must promote the actors of law and justice.

The determining quotient is every moment that we invest in the freewill and the determinism values and the deterministic ideals and we must strategize the conceptual notions of equity, welfare and good-conscience and pave the way for the mandate of the constitution, which should be applied through the clauses and provisions of the protective discrimination and the relevant intelligible differentia classification.

We can play a substantial role in the process of globalisation if our quest is real and based on democratic edifices and scientific concerns as well as considerations. We should grow in resolutions that are befitting our values and dignity and try to serve the system in the best possible way. Utilizing familiar concepts and notions in order to render justice at the doorsteps of the people is also a must and we should go by the legal realities and pose the questions towards the system and try to find the answers.

The public as well as the private spheres are not harder for assimilation once we realize the merit of each domain and try to resolve the questions at the level of the grassroots and we should not be scared of changes and the change in the policy or philosophy rather our endeavors should be designed according to the numinous artifacts and the perfect ends. We should keep the strategies of justice intact and nurture the well being rather the potential well being of the people.

We should bring reputation to the system and nurture the deontic space of the system and the society on the equalitarian lines of thought and the genuine sources and reflect as well as lead and create the harmonious system of relationships. Coherency in the system and fight against corruption and the equivalent problems that are otherwise going to displace, demolish and destabilize our system need to be weeded out and we must place hope in the system so that a parallel regime comes into being which will be based on the edifices and horizons of the neo-pluralism and the creative emancipation.

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