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Oppn scared and hence indulging in scaremongering: Modi

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Bhagalpur (Bihar), Apr 11 :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Congress-led opposition saying the "mahamilavati gang" is scared that if he comes to power again, their "shops" of corruption and dynastic politics will shut down.

Addressing an election rally here, Modi also said the opposition wants to strip the armed forces of their special powers, while the NDA government strives to give full liberty to jawans to deal with terrorists and Maoists.

Referring to the constituents of the "mahagathbandhan" (grand alliance) in Bihar as "mahamilavati (highly adulterated) gang", the prime minister claimed, "They fear that if Modi comes to power again, their shops of corruption, dynastic politics and venal defence deals will shut down."

"They are saying if Modi comes to power again, elections would be done away with. All constitutional bodies will be under threat. And reservations will be done away with," the prime minister said adding that "this chowkidar" has been making all efforts to strengthen the quota system introduced by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

"Even the 10 per cent reservation for the economically weaker sections has been introduced without curtailing the rights of any other social group. We found out a way to do so truthfully without causing any social tension," he said.

Modi alleged that the "divisive gang" is scared that it will be finished if Modi returns to power.

The country's armed forces require full liberty to deal with terrorists and naxals while the opposition parties want to strip the forces of their special powers, he said.

"When they come to Bihar to seek your votes, make it a point to ask them whether they are with the country's brave jawans or with the terrorists," Modi said.

He said, "We say we will trace out and demolish terror hideouts in Jammu and Kashmir and put those, who are funded by Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities, behind bars. The Congress and its allies say they will hold talks. Can those singing the tunes of Pakistan, speaking its language and thriving on its finances be trusted with talks?"

Seeking to underscore that he discouraged VIP culture and cared for the poor, Modi said, "For 70 years, the poor of the country had spent their lives being in awe of the red beacon. This chowkidar of yours removed all the red beacons and got the houses of the poor illuminated".

Many politicians have built palaces and farmhouses but this government has constructed houses and brought cooking gas for the poor, he said.

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