Towseef Ahmad

Numinous Facets of Metaphysics

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The fact is that we should have a goal to act freely and in terms of metaphysics our role and determinate action has to be inconsonance with the paradigms and landmarks of freewill and numinous facets. Thence we should put the social and moral rules according to the mandate of the constitution and according to the structured sources provided and laid down by the sovereign. Therefore we must satisfy the requirements of morality first and eliminate every kind of myth that tarnishes the image of the sovereign master and his sovereign predicables in the form of the deontic thought. Therefore we should overcome the difficulties in the application of the social and moral rules. Therefore it is the measure and efficacy of sources that provides a deontic surplus for the appification of the given results.

Therefore we should object to the selfish interests of the people and lay down a fabric for the system under which the people will enjoy the underlying usage of the norms and the standard normative prototyping. Therefore we should set aside the irrational beliefs and rather create a standard framework for action. Therefore we must have purposeful streaks of freewill and free action at our beck and call, in addition to the redeemers which can be utilized for the emergence of the deontic space. Therefore people should not escape from the religious obligations and the spiritual duties. Thence we should reinstate the people in their positions according to the requirements of the law and the just order.

Therefore we should improve and create the future impressions according to the future realization of the application of theorems and the theoretical tendencies and the measure of numinous equity. Thence we should be explicit in our motivations to harness the ideal potential of the people and their priceless values. Therefore we should establish and maintain the institutions according to the pragmatic standards of reason and logic. Thence we should utilize politics and history to mould the potential of the people according to their values and commitments. Thence we should open upto the discussions and create the concrete effects through the application of our freewill. Thence we should organise our anthropological base and the social constructionism and pave the way for the standardization and the effective structuralization. Thence we must pay attention to the objective reality of the world so that the matter and material of the deontic thought reaches to its perfect ends.

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