Towseef Ahmad

Conceptual modelling of Metaphysics

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We must analyze and clarify the basic assumptions of the people through core philosophies and theorems and build the atmosphere which is durable and lasting. Therefore we must help people to clarify each others views through the ontological philosophy so that the truth conditions flourish and the ultimate meta-science does not escape analyticity and modelling. The content must be studied independently of its representational value and thence the things must be examined in the vacuum and paradoxes, in addition in their coexistence with the being. Therefore the social world has to be described through the conceptual modelling of things and the abstract notions.

The aspects of the physical world have to be described through the purposive constructions and languages that are meant to create the pragmatic stance among the people living at different strata of the hierarchy. Therefore we must understand the nature of reasoning and the structure of representations in order to set the goals and the landmarks. The essence lies in the fact that we should own the ontology that we intend to use. We must engage with the public to find the solutions and answers to the recurring questions of law and order and to those ambiguous social policies that have become a burning issue for the masses. Therefore we should make the distinction between terminology and the meaning that emerges from the context of technically structured policies and artifacts.

In terms of the conceptual modelling we must view each transaction according to its routine structure and according to the standard normative prototyping that is initiated through its content and activity. Thence we should have access to semantic matching and semantic integration and evolve the methodologies according to the purposive constructions and the pragmatic stance and styles. The situated intentional act has to be weighed in terms of the referents with which it is associated. Therefore the properties of the conceptual relations should be examined and analysed according to the detour structuralization and the processes that flow in the proper direction. Moreover, the categories and relations are assumed to exist once we study and nurture the quality of the being. Thence we should make explicit and formal specifications in order to venture forth in the undertaking of reason, rationale and the philosophy that is meant to create the adequate view on the horizons of truth and the ultimate values of the truth conditions.

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