Towseef Ahmad

Explanation in Metaphysics

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Reality is of various kinds. Reality consists of tables and things, planets and people. One is that which lies in that structure which is mirrored in what really exists and that structure which ought to exist, for example the advanced machines based on modern artificial intelligence. Thence reality is expressed through the conceptual scheme which is essentially of various types, considering the broad typology of the things that warrants different categorisations. Thence we should capture the essence of the things according to the metric tone. The characterization has to be formal since it leaves a recurring theme in philosophy to have a foundation for the things. Thence it is the use of the effective and the independent structures which are of paramount consideration in the analysis of the deontic thought and imperative entourage. Thence we must understand the ontological propositions and create a system which is generative of thought and principles.

We must make an analysis of the existence of such grounds which form the normative structure of the normative prototyping. Thence we must provide an epistemic justification for viability and reliability of the things. Thence we must not create fusion of the arbitrary looking things rather we should avoid the misgivings and provide a clear example and picture of the thought endeavours. Thence it is a fact that sometimes hypothesis is inferred due to a direct continuum of the things. Thence sometimes these hypothetical arguments merge into inferential patterns to form an explanatory possibility. Thence pure description and correlation forms the important essence of these patterns and change of physicalism.

The working considerations, processes and metaphysical feasibilities through the philosophical and enlightened illustrations therefore need to be explained and we should use the tacit observations to explain the phenomena, where the explicit principles do not provide a sufficient axiomatization, and rather the things are silent.

There are different explanadum in which the categorisations and the theories can be explained. Therefore we must use the constitutive elements to answer the ambiguous theoretical position and the cognitive prototyping. Therefore we should use the metaphysical dimensions to investigate into the popular artifacts and the technical viscissitudes. Thence the law has to be used with the regular entourage of means and ends and hence the deontic necessity.  Therefore we must utilize the plausible relations to enter into the scientific discussions and the technological knowhow. Thence we must find the more promising opportunities to transcend the realistic world. Thence a normative formulation has to be invoked on the lines of the positivistic characterization and taxonomic classification. Thence the explanation in metaphysics is different from the metaphysics of explanation. Thence the extension of the doctrines on diverse grounds can be employed to extend the meaning of the constructs.

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