Towseef Ahmad

Philosophy Of Intelligence Quotient and Metaphysics

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What is the role of human intelligence in furthering the cause of the social emancipation and what is the role of the freewill in furthering the cause of the metaphysics? How will the being construct the techno-social context for its growth and development and how will we- as people and citizenry- flourish. It is the complete evolutionary experience and process of metaphysics through which we should transcend and make ourselves happier and deontic for which we need phenomenal and metaphysical awareness of values, norms, attitudes, intelligence quotient and variables so that we can transform the lives of the people across and around our surrounding environment.

We need classification of the values across the taxonomic order of the revisionary metaphysics and along the predictors of meta-science, artifacts and algorithms. A person should think how to roll out his/her credentials and potential through the processes of emergence and the scientific knowhow of importance of the things besides, we should be able to measure the aspects of a capacity on which a person can load his/her reasoning of intelligent quotient and determine the methodology and modal qualities for use in the long run.

Therefore we must manifest and represent the values of stimuli and penetrate the picture of thought and imagination in the system which is otherwise caught and fraught with riddles and paradoxes. We need self-awareness and we need to create the properties for vision and the transcendental boom. Therefore there are various kinds of intelligences which we can learn through experience and learning. Therefore we need that strategy through which we can go at the top of the things and leave a benchmark for the people who are lagging behind.

Therefore, as educators, we should dominate the worth of our being and existence. The psychology instructors should be able to transform the lives of the people according to the context, be it a simple ordinary context, a social context or a techno-social context. We should get the information from the international sources and address the plight of the weaker sections of the society and in addition to the social context it is important to understand the cultural context and try to create the symbiotic relationship between various factions and groups of the community so that the better and a concomitant concept of freewill and determinism prevails and there are no unnecessary barriers on the freedom of the people. Thence it is remarkable to demonstrate the exceptional talent of those people who are in lead of the things and whose ratiocination skills create a deontic atmosphere.

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