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NC responsible for political instability in Kashmir: Vakil

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'People are dying because of NCs blunders'

Srinagar, March 16: Peoples Conference (PC) Senior Vice President and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today said the credit for all the political instability and uncertainty in the valley goes to National Conference for its power hungry politics.

Vakil today said in a statement that people are dying because of the historical mistakes made by NC leadership from time to time.

“Because of NC blunders people of valley are suffering. People of the state are the victims of their blunders, especially the Indira-Sheikh Accord in 1975,” Vakil said, had the leadership of NC taken a stand at that time, the center Govt would have been forced to restore the position of 1953 and we would not have faced feud, thousands of lives wouldn’t have been lost, People wouldn’t have faced the carnage.” Vakil said While Lambasting the previous NC regimes for their role in various machinations against the people of the state, Vakil while addressing the people in a special meeting in Jammu said that Farooq Abdullah’s promises on autonomy are hollow and deceitful.

“What have the previous NC governments done for state’s autonomy? NC government did pass a resolution on autonomy but only to be rejected by the Vajpayee government of which Omar Abdullah was then the foreign minister who didn’t even bothered to resign which reflects their lust for power at any cost,” Vakil added.

He further said history is a witness to the fact that NC can go to any extent for the lust of power.

“People should vote for change to put an end to politics of exploitation at the hands of NC & PDP,” he said.

Blaming the dynasty rule for compounding problems in Kashmir, Vakil called for unity against the dynasts. “Dynasty rule is another name of dictatorship and the two families played on the emotions of the people. They only promoted nepotism and devastation. That’s why they became united despite their rift. Had the two families been united for betterment of Kashmir, the state wouldn’t have been in such a mess,” he added.

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