Towseef Ahmad

 Meta-knowledge and Cognition

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Knowledge is a representation of facts. Knowledge occurs through different forms of epistemology and phenomenology, in externalised knowledge and in the personbound knowledge and in several styles. Therefore we must learn the intuitions and the processes of the counter-intuitions. Thence intuitions play a crucial role in metaphysical discussions and qualitative use of the doctrines and the modal qualities. Experience adds advantage to the notions of metaphysics. Thence what emerges from the ordinary objects is the processes of hope. Therefore the strong and the striking claims must be in consonance with the dynamics and underlying basis of the metaphysics and the modern day techno-metametaphilosophy. Thence human motivation is a definitive proposition and we need to understand the facts according to the points of determinism and the nature of the freewill which is always flying around.

Thence we must take the wholeness of the organism into account, in addition to the integrated processes which are intertwined with the social texture of cognition. Thence intuition is a centering point or model for the definitive theory of the metaphysics. Thence we should be specific and conscious of the cultural paths and the pragmatic metaphysical domains through the wit of the metaphysical sense as well as through the processes governing the ideal metaphysics of the self. The practical dimensions of metaphysics should be understood in their various states and a distinguished conceptualization and structuralization of the conceptualization should be set in motion. We should direct our potential towards those programs which are generative and ideal. Thence we must not raise doubt without the substantive proof.

The reliability and importance of the explicit meta-knowledge helps in the emancipation of the people and the masses across the societies and the cultures. Therefore our everyday experiences are important as we get to know the different dimensions of metaphysics and the processes of recombination which takes place at different strata and the hierarchies, in addition to the prototyping levels. Therefore we must recall metaphysics and sources of intuitive knowledge, day in and day out if we have to celebrate the niche of the deontic thought and if we have to capture the essence of the metaphysical ideas. Thence we must make explicit and skilful representations of the cognitive meta-knowledge and the techno-metametaphilosophy so that we can aquaint ourselves with better pedgagogies and trusted sources of knowledge. Thence the central role of the metaphysics is the reasoning and understanding of the state of affairs and the recombination of the processes.

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