Towseef Ahmad

Prototyping Strategies: Norms, Values, Variables, Society and Normative Prototyping

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The transition of the norms, values, variables and the society takes place through the recombination of the processes. From the normative standpoint of view, the normative standards and variables should be structured and utilized for beneficence and thence the structuring should be done of the society through the normative prototyping. Therefore we must take the better action against the social and the societal evils, in accordance with law and the normative framework. The hierarchical levels of life and reality should be ingrained and people should be protected from unnecessary harassment, rather there should be no jeopardising of the rights. The phenomenological happenings should be established in the cosmology so that the developmental emancipation becomes a relishing joy.

The social facts should be developed on the post-positivistic lines and thought realm. There are constitutive axiomatizations and meticulous analyticity that can pave a way for the socialization of the ideals and the metaphysical ideas. Thus synthetic conceptual clarity and the deontic thought realm should be structured so that the society flourishes through the boon values and the boon points. There are variegated types of phenomenological sociologies, all with a certain and a distinct aim. Therefore we should take the things by experience and try to perfect the system through the normative prototyping, in which each norm will have its own strength and applied relevance. Thence the spontaneous and the rational execution of acts should be adopted to fulfil the desires and wishes of the society from time to time.

Similarly, social reality and emancipation extends to variegated areas like the institutional life, the non-institutional life and the ethical-political scenario. Therefore we should share the concerns of the society and address and understand the levels of social life and reality, including the normative levels of life and the hierarchical levels of the living world and reality. From the analysis of the different strands of the ontology the point which emerges is that ontological discussion presupposes a sharp contrast between the natural and the social facts. Thence the social mind encompasses the cardinal domains of reality and in this vein and in this context the society must be allowed to grow and flourish according to the deontic structures and imperatives. We should equally pay attention to the relativization of the universal claims and adhere to the strong notions of equity and justice. Thence we must adopt the proper principles and the eidetic norms and regulate the affairs, rather the state of the affairs of the society through the recombination of the processes.

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