Towseef Ahmad


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It is presumed that society is driven by technological developments. These developments in turn provides the gear to the social structure and the values of the metametaphilosophy, thus paving a way for the automating and influencing of the ontology, ontology based pedagogy and the axiological growroom. It is pertinent to mention here that existential quantifiers are now being developed on the post-positivist sidelines of the ontological ethicality and the wider development of the human scientific psychology and the overall metaphysical entourage. Therefore the economic base of the society and the technological edifices creates the system anew and this influence of the determinism rather the technological deterministic attitudes goes in the long run to impact the individual strength in resources and applied artifacts.

As a matter of fact we must examine and investigate in the realms of formalized thought and in the vital strings of the abstract metaphysical objects. Thence sometimes we have to go to the earlier views and theories of concepts and find the solutions, rather the viable solutions through the automated reasoning’s so that we can find the essentialist dichotomy between the two views or two objectives for proper and suitable application. There are therefore automated themes, common themes and deeper levels of thought enshrined at the outset in the postulates of empowerment and experience itself. Thence the main objective of the relations of humankind is vast in its social relations and matters with the beings, in which some comply with the norms and many plan that one should adhere to certain glue of facts and thence the transitions to the techo-stimulated norms and techo-simulated norms. People should be allowed to feel free.

The systematic examinations of people’s values concerning individual freedom through empowerment and experience is a must and the full picture of the intellectual development of trends in freewill needs to be brought to the fore for we might make advances in determinism and the unknown aspects of the freewill. Therefore the semantic embedding of the principles should be done through the processes of the semantic web, intentional higher order learning and the grouping of the automating cycles of thought, in addition through the aspects of metaontology. The modal logic should be utilized in between the ontological arguments because the tricks won’t work unless space would be created for the newer levels of categorizations, inter-ontology’s and the terminal point of the terminologies, in other words through the joint carving interpretation and the ontological independence.

The expression of the theory and the assessment of the techniques should not be underestimated rather should correlate to its notion of real and intimate record with its axiomatic considerations and allied constructs. The successful textualization of the material facts of a theory will remove the ambiguities and will mark the niche of the narrative as capturing the critical conceptualization and deontic historical equation. Therefore the scientific and the psychological research should also be done under the latest controlled conditions which can change the scientific psychology for the human good through research so that the depiction of the dialect should be observed through appropriate observations, methods and modal qualities. Therefore we should advance the positive theses and we should not misconceive central aim of process and progress in metametaphysics and techno-metametaphilosophy.

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