Towseef Ahmad

Being and the Social Context

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Each society has its own social context and a defined set up of processes including the communication processes and the methods and alignment of the deterministic attitudes, both collective and individual. Therefore it is the intention which must behoove the situation once a suitable task is going to be performed according to some stage and level of requirement, which furthers the interests of the society. The point is that we must fulfill our aspirations and obligations through the lawful means. Therefore the information systems have their own grounded aspects and artifacts and one wonders why the better models of culture cannot be adopted which are free of ambiguity. Therefore the being must move on and protect his rights by actually being in the world and analyzing the target audience and the exchequer of the softer models of development and beneficence.

Therefore a shared and a structural descriptive of the rights of the being should be promoted through the taxonomic metaphysics and that nomenclature which is workable. It should also be proposed that the being must set himself free according to the mandate of the freewill and deterministic attitudes and shall improve his conduct and ways around him which are possibly correct according to the situation and the environment, and according to the intention which the law mandates and appreciates. The being after choosing his social context and the environment must make and should make appropriate choices for the welfare of his mates and the colleagues and in other words and more precisely the fellow beings.

Thence one kind of metaphysics differs from another kind of ontology and similarly the base of one reasoning provided by one kind of phenomenology will differ for the grow room of the semantic development cherished through another plane, plank or course of action. Thence we must pursue good and welfarist models of life, the real world situations and the life world as a whole in so far as the holistic models are concerned. Thus we must pursue the goodwill and the better known choices of human good and freewill. Thence the individuals are themselves driven by the systems and the collective choices, it all depends upon the framework and the situations in which the individuals are contextualized or get contextualized sometimes due to fortunate social and human behaviors and sometimes due to the wrong reasons and illogical criteria of space-making.

Therefore we should and we must map the quality and maintainability of the issues and the affairs according to the super structures and those frameworks and structures which produce better ideas and ideals and thus we get a chance to realize the better space and outlook in the society. The product line of the being is essentially good if it is based on mutual and reciprocal goals and criteria. Thence the individual is a package of those attributes, qualities and kernels which fits his standard and belonging to any reasonable ratio and reuse strategy. The being has therefore his own circle of things and mandating and imposing a kind of particular will on the society ultimately flourishes the better web of ontology’s in the society and the environment around it.




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