Towseef Ahmad

Metaphysical Sense

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We must critically evaluate the alternatives and try to provide better framework of action.

It is the conception and the right kind of metaphysical grip that provides a way for the assimilation of ideas, thoughts and insights and we should act according to the measure of free thinking if we are going to succeed on the sense of education and the different vistas of knowledge. We must, therefore, weigh the compatibility and the incompatibility of beliefs and deliberations with the consistent and plausible notions as well as the emergence of freewill.

We must critically evaluate the alternatives and try to provide better framework of action. The interpretation and action have to go together. These are questions which can be posed in the reverse order too and, therefore, it is the generative and the cognitive retrieval process that provides a guidance for our dispositional thoughts and the indicators for change and possibility. Therefore we should choose to perform those actions which are suitable in the context of the deontic notions and the just framework.

Besides the point, we should choose another point, the correctives on offer, the positive and pragmatic steps towards gaining a better and a coherently structured insight into the thought realm, more specifically of the epistemic considerations and the epistemology. Therefore we should present our purposes in a lucid manner and argue for a number of possible interpretations for the metaphysical tenor. Therefore we should not ignore the texts at our disposal, rather we should try to foster the change in the valuable criteria and exemplify the metaphysics through the creative tasks and lean in favor of the metaphysics which is clear and not bogus. Therefore we must adopt that reading of the phenomenon on which is accurate according to the scale and yardstick of the deliberation which is manifest and deontic.

Therefore we should try the multiplicity of the things and contexts and promote the welfare and beneficence of the masses through proper education and proper orientation. The metaphysical argumentation should be conclusive and any inconclusive insight should be put to test through the lens of the judicious and integral conception. Therefore the life which is integral to the metaphysics is the best life, if anybody has the chance to meet the metaphysical sense and there is no tyranny of the force of traditions. Therefore we should try to become a truth-seeker and break the chains of deception and fraud which is rampant in so many societies and cultures.

There arises a question. The question is that what do we mean by the persisting sense or tyranny of the prevailing orthodoxy and how can a problem be denoted through the capturing of a sense, the sense being the metaphysical sense. Therefore we should turn to fill the criteria by verifying and analyzing the postulates of the metaphysical sense and the metaphysics of the self. How should we inspect the things, what are the investigative procedures and how do we denote the intrinsic parameters of the intuitive procedures.

Therefore it is not scheming and dreaming only, it is the right act and right action which helps in classifying the things rather in a positive and a pragmatic manner. Therefore the subjective modes of presence and the structures should form the consistent relationship between thoughts and things. Therefore the mainstream thoughts and inferential framework has to be secured if it is consistent with the resolved economic activity of the given economic corridor. Therefore we must trump the outcome only if it is feasible with the requirements of justice and ethics. Therefore we should count the commonality and provide the precursors to the practicality and the sense making. Thence we must mobilize our resources and cater to the question of intellectual advantage.

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