Towseef Ahmad

Sculpting Metaphysics:  Artifacts and Algorithms

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The fact is that when we sculpt something about metaphysics, it should be in order of the things, as the history showcases the cosmos. Then we must improve upon the earlier metaphysics, and bring the new process of ontology. This ontological shore is something which provides us with abundant knowledge and topography of the knowledge and make an effort, and it is not a bizarre dilemma, we should strongly advocate the integration of theories in ontology, logic, logical science, topography of epistemology and geography of all knowledge through mapping and the constructive platforms in the shape of the web ontology’s, web 2.0 being the precursor of the new knowledge and its strings. Nurturing the social cum ethical theories in the wide array and naturalizing the phenomenology cum ontology is yet another dimension we must closely observe through the inter grouping of the ontology’s and the keen grouping of the interontologies.

This philosophy is indeed wide ranging and the impact and outcome of such feasibilities and trends is also rich and flawless. This philosophy can be utilized to play the social role because it is the larger part of that terminology and nomenclature which draws from the direct source of the metaphysics and blends with the social kinds of differentiated ontology’s and the blend of ontology’s with metaphysics. Metaphysics is about the intentionality and provides the proper foundation for knowledge and gateways of erudition. The founding parts and the naturalized wholes of metaphysics lie in special designs of knowledge and phenomenology, it lies in the realm of holistic changes and it bridges the phenomena through the ontological ethics and integration of various joint models rather in an instrumental form and through the constructive methodology.

There is a mutual link of source for the ontology and the trends of phenomenology, the trends of metaphysics as the blend of different shapes and sizes of metaphysics also lies in the mapped formulations of the differentiated ontologies and the intellectual tenor and development of the integrated ontologies in the cocktail. Metaphysics is therefore the centerpiece of the structured holism, the bases of which lies in the fountains, artifacts and relations of the axiological dynamics and the metaphysics proper. Metaphysics is therefore the proclaimed foundation of all sorts of knowledge and integration of the different domains of knowledge.

Therefore the basic philosophical sciences of logic have the same sources, and these sources can be enumerated and classified into the two larger and giant streams of ontology and metaphysics which are ironically linked to the dimension of knowledge in the ideal and pragmatic planks and categorical propositions. Thence the imperative is that the typical and the topical tastes of knowledge are enriched through different doctrines, axioms and theorems. The overall genuineness and authenticity of the knowledge lies however in the empiricism, a posteriori analysis, analyticity of the things and the mature kind of praxis. The systematic analysis however remains with us and we know the resulting metaphysics is the outcome of that process and investigative procedures that gets in through the domain of the determinism like situations and concrete formulations. Thence the processes have to be learnt and testified in accordance with the doctrines of the metaphysics and the ontological algorithms.

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