Towseef Ahmad

Truth Conditions and Prototyping

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The fact is that we must rely on the knowledge of truth and start imagining about the system which is otherwise left at the mercy of those people who don’t care a bit towards its granularity or origination. Thence in this vein and in this context we must not trespass the rights of the people without the mandate of the law i.e. we must not be unauthorised in our practices and procedures and should not just philosophize things; ours should be an intent involved in the architectural changes of the social metaphysics and the worth of the deontic analyticity. We must conceive of the society in terms of brighter postulates of determinism and the truth conditions and we should not be unruly in our behaviours and ethics, rather we should be friendly with the people at the different hierarchies of affairs who want to instil in us joy and smiles and remove the unnecessary hanging fire and dirt syndromes from the society.

Therefore we should entail the analysis of the cause and effect in the wider realms and capacities and we must find the plausible answers to the quotient which is otherwise the cause of riddles and unnecessary conflicts. It is the truth-making and the absolute necessities which we should examine and analyse and wee aren’t going to leave the place of truth and we should be determined in that resolve and those endeavours and the operational synthesis and predicables. We should point out to the defects in the society and start to cure the lacunae and loopholes in the society and the societies through the proper remedies, anticipation and the strategic prototyping and not ignore and avoid the dangers of wrangling because our efforts can trap us and we can sink in the flood of technological revolutions and any unfounded prototyping can prove detrimental, harmful, hazardous and without utility for the people who love imagining the worth and prefer the utmost worth of the society.

We must be docent in our attitudes and that is the key mainstay for our possibilities to pursue the deeper insights and the logical determinants of prototyping. Thence our paradigms should be based on just propositions and those means which cannot block us but can provide a road ahead for our endeavours and those approaches which are based on wisdom. Thence we must follow the unity relation of truth conditions and the qualitative identity, in addition to the social policies which can act as the instrumental beacon of thought and welfare.

Thence we should utilize proper metaphysics in nurturing and naturalizing the artefacts of the society and more so in the age of the globalization. Wherever possible, we must utilize the synchronous relation and that unity which flows from the absolute units of truth that is anticipated in terms of the constitutional sources and we should not be engaged with the dilemma and rather trust our fate and the truth conditions which shape the beauty, excellence and above all the categorical structures and hence the fatalism. In addition to the fatalism, recourse should be made to the vast realm of the metaphysics of emergence and the revisionary metaphysics, because society fights back to regain its charm and splendour, often through the fit body, known as the sovereign.

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