Towseef Ahmad

Social Policy as an Instrumental Choice

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The fact is that we must think about the society in terms of the social policy for future and investigate into the nuances which are responsible to torn apart the different structures and fibres of the society. Thence in order to improve the social conditions of the people and the society we should set the high moral grounds and the vistas for the living members of the strata and the community. We must explore the broader and dynamic contexts and contours of the society and envision a state, rather a welfare state, free of error and based on the deontic efforts of the people collectively and the efforts of the sovereign in particular. Thence we must adopt and follow the emancipatory ideals created by the phusis of the society and not fissures, from which we should refrain. Therefore the social choices matter and we must appreciate that fact in unequivocal terms. Thence what pertains to the individual pertains to the society and the well being of all the sections of the society.

In order to restore and maintain the individual dignity and the collective worth of the society our attributes must be straightforward and actively upright. Thence in this vein and in this context we must lay the proper edifices and the instrumental choices for the society so that everyone and each individual will be able to realize his goals rather the participatory ideals according to the just procedure and through that analyticity which comes into being through the examination of the referential afterparadigms and the deontic matters. Thence in this vein and in this context it is the distributive activism which creates the hope for the people and hence the metaphysics of sight and hope can instil a longer stimuli in the people otherwise deprived of the very logistics and the fighting movement with the corruption and the redtapism. Thence we should not loose, we should follow the secular and pragmatic ideals and the operational dicta of the constitution.

Thence we should combine our efforts to protect the work and the family scenario and be the part of the society that is visibly striking in its dynamics and be the part of the deontic analyticity and framework. Thence we must have the broader capacity to work along the lines of the constitutional discipline and principles and the sources. Thence in this vein and in this context the balance of the attitudes corresponds to that taste which is ideal for the regrouping of the conscious and cognitive sources and the methodological stance. Thence the contested policies can serve the good example for the society which is ready to follow and adopt the prescribed standards and adopt the required changes.

Thence we must bridge the typical relationships between the natural sciences and the phusis occurring across the epistemology and the epistemic considerations, apart from the interactions which are wide in interfaces. The artifacts of the globalization can pave a new and a dynamic way for us. Thence we need to be synchronized in our efforts and endeavours. Thence ekphrasis would be a wonderful material and we need to promote the varied materials for the emancipation of the people and the phusis of the nature across the planks. The artifacts of the globalization and the dynamics of reason can serve the better good for the mapping of the meta-descriptive metaphysics and the meta of the meta-knowledge.

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