Towseef Ahmad

Dynamics of Reason

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The fact is that we must have reason to follow a particular course or path of action, in other words we must meet some essentials and requirements to tread a particular path and negotiate accordingly on the lines of equivalence and uprightness. In this vein and in this context it is the appropriate decision-making that is helpful for the individual members of the society, both in the intergroup scenario as well as at the level of the individual masses. We must proceed on the enthusiastic lines and models and we should favour that action which has a qualitative moral worth. In particular we should follow the ideas of the instrumental capacity and those ideas which provide zenith to the scientific philosophy and attitudes. In the long run we must understand the dynamics of the act philosophy and the cohere of the valuable principles and propositions, the dynamics of the reasons, both in the reffluent manner and as a catalyst process for so many changes in the society.

Thence we should not make the speculative excesses, for instance with the idealism and the experiential texture of the lineaments and with the tone of the scientific philosophy. In order to find the plausible means for the construction of a good society we need to transcend certain ideal parameters and phenomenological practices. Thence a good society travels a way ahead from the rest of the competitors if the same adopts a better model of reasoning and the qualitative changes in the desired models and practices. Thence we should adopt the healthier and more sober ways and tackle the corrupt and inefficient practices of the society through the phenomenological necessity and by catering towards a logical goal and a fascinating course of action and command. Those changes which are fundamentally related to the fundamental changes and edifices of the society must be created through the better orientation and programming of the societal zeal and zest. There are plenty and numerous of opportunities which the sovereign lends to the society based on mutual recognition of the principles and the predicables and thence there is a need to follow the better and a disciplined strategy in order to overcome the burdens and challenges cast on the society due to the unfortunate phenomena and practices of mis-opportunities.

Thence the physical theorizing will not help unless there is some intention to back the theory by some praxis. Thence better axioms and philosophy should be created to overcome the mischief created by the loopholes and lacunae through the cheaper applications of social sciences and practices. Thence machine learning would be a good tool and a technological advent, rather the approach has anyhow to be based on the flexible sorts and kinds. There is a need to place the logical empiricism among those tools which are allied to the smorgasbord identity and the mutual trust of policies applied on a particular society over a particular period of time and cleavage. Thence in order to strike the harmonious chord among the fissures and shreds already existing in the declining society, we should have recourse to the predominant intention and compatible freewill of the sovereign and the sovereign masters. Thence new foundations should be laid to the society that has already existed and originated and problems need to be solved through the pragmatic means and positive philosophy of law and recourse, just like through the metrics of the deontic appification which works in almost all situations and over the flexible periods of time. Thence the entire problem will be solved if we will determine the nature of the specific problems through accurate experimentation and qualitative intuitive and investigative procedures.

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