Mushtaque B Barq


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Encouraging the afterthought at least for the sake of reconciliation is not just buttoned-down glamour, but a strong desire to bring down cross moods to tables of discussion.  A smile at times dissolve unsolvable, prolonged and delayed debates which with time otherwise settle down as barrier for ages. Smile is commendable; it just passes a message of happiness even when words are hard to come up to assist feelings for others. A smile composes moments more sweetly, makes situation simple and sere. Behind every smile rests innumerable sighs, but with every stretch, one manages to convince his being alive. PS… Smile please.

Now the veil covering coiled serpent over earthen pot turns on the eagle from the Blues, the autonomy they say from a winged victory to merciless tyrant, the poor serpent thereby, becomes a mere line for the reckless boys to enjoy, which they definitely put on to be used on their roof tops during kite festival, turning their kites into dragons with a tail as a sorry tale of woes, for they pull the strings carelessly, but with a motive of capturing the paper from the mid air and they smile not for their cumbersome victory, but for the loser who unwillingly surrenders  his design without any alternative. P.S…. Smile is unreasonable.

To lure a poor bird, few seeds are sufficient; the poor creature willingly visits the web with an objective of magnificence of man, who in the disguise of claiming caring turns into carefree persecutor. Putting the poor creature in the cage, enjoying the thrill of his tossed wings and short fights with in captivation, one may enjoy the creaking, but the little bird, a tiny creature fit to fly with time overlooks his chirping and with every passing day, surrenders its will to fly and moans like a prisoner cemented behind the prison for no fault. P.S…. Smile stench.

Sins and virtues are now-a-days related to flood furry, with some references to God’s wrath and a few are flexible to the extent to relate the incident with ‘Fall’ of a man. May be all are right, observations and experiences vary and vary considerably and must vary for the reason everyone is capable and creative at least in terms of explanations and descriptions. But one common voice that ‘We will Rise Again’ has once again administrated dexterity. And a few are using the situation to promote their trade like selling medicines that otherwise must have been discarded, and one fails to think whether to cry or laugh. And we just pass a smile to forget or to ridicule the practitioner. P.S….Smile serves

A man is bound to obey and yet he works out strategies to defy the rules, maybe he is well equipped with all sorts of trickery and uses this lethal tool to skirmish general aspiration. He rules the innocent and obeys the dictator. In these hours of pain, sympathetic and compassionate men are out in the field, they deliver without posing for a picture to be published in dailies to impress his audience but expose the plight of the victim who in the picture is forced to face the lens to depict his misfortune. And we stretch a few muscle to ridicule the poor and poverty. The sympathetic lot manages his audience without lens men around.  P.S….Smile is loathsome  

Keen youngsters, I salute the dedication and determination they exhibited during recent floods have not only promoted universal brotherhood but also nursed a feeling of love and care. They deserve what men on earth cannot think of; they will be rewarded by the Lord. Tremendous applaud to all those who saved victims by being a morsel of the death and died with a noble cause. May God bless these grand souls and let all of us raise hands to beg mercy from the merciful Lord. P.S….. Do good have good.

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