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Sterlite Power kicks off tree translocation to ‘reduce’ ecological damage

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Indore: In a bid to minimize the ecological damage caused by axing trees coming under power transmission lines and towers, Sterlite Power, India’s leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, has finally got  gigantic tree transplanting machines and skilled surgeons who are apt at carrying out green operations of transplant trees instead of cutting them.

Taking cue from various global constructing and infrastructural companies, the tree transplantation project was mooted to promote greener eco-system while constructing power transmission projects. The Company launched a tree translocation project by which bigger and mature living trees will be translocated within 500 meters.

Speaking to reporters, Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO Global Infra Business, Sterlite Power said, “We have started tree-translocation in Indore – a socio-environmental friendly initiative as part of our Khargone Transmission project (KTL). The 189 km KTL project will connect Indore to 1320MW of thermal power from Khandwa. This project will benefit domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial segments.”

“We at Sterlite Power have worked to deliver a social impact by implementing its projects in the most environment friendly manner. The tree translocation project is our way of contributing to promote green habitat. The project will effectively reduce approximately 40% of felling of trees,” he added.

Project Director, Sterlite Power, B K Singh said, “We  surveyed 100 varieties of trees, studying their age and diameter for transplanting. The idea is to make environment-friendly social impact innovation.”

He said the success ratio of the survival of the “transplanted trees” was slightly less than 100 percent.

Illustrating the importance of the project, Singh said while the government intends to have 100 percent electrified villages, the requirement of power transmission lines was going up.

The project aims to reduce 40 percent of felling of trees.

Sterlite Power is India’s leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, focused on addressing complex challenges in the sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space and capital.

A tree transplanter lifts entire trees with their ‘rootball’ intact and relocates them to convenient areas if they are falling in the way of construction projects. In Kashmir thousands of trees often become a casualty.  The Tree-Relocation Machine can shift the trees from one place to another easily. The tree-relocation machine dugs out the tree with root and put it another place with the soil filling, spraying of medicine and water.



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