Towseef Ahmad

Prototype of Morality!

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Morality intersects through the society like a realm which transcends every interpretation and everything. The very nature of the classical world, also presupposes the role of the morality in our diverse thoughts, expressions and applications. In every sort of action, process or stuff we require morality and a metaphysical appification. The problem is set by the morality itself and we need answers to tackle the questions of moral waywardness if we find the same perpetuating in any society or culture. The smorgasbord fashion and the philosophical object of the morality provides us an indicator to carry out our actions according to certain norms and standards, the deviation of which would attract either condemnation by the society or penalty from the law. Therefore we should look to the shiny side of the intuitive procedure and adhere to the secular character of the particular situation or point.

The further point is that we should cater towards the development of the standpoint philosophy on these issues which are morally invaluable because it seems bizarre if we will not pay heed to these aspects and structures, thence the prototype itself. Any attempt to discard the morality will unveil lot of problems in the virtual worlds, focus, relations and the common good. If we want to survive as a good human society we need to follow certain prescribed ways and commands and we can switch to open source urbanism. Therefore the morality should not be a battlefield of permanent confusion rather our intention should be to adhere and stick to the moral propositions and notions, according to the demands of the culture and the cultural entourage. So there should be no rational misconception about the products of morality or its prototype, because the society which is caught or fraught with conflicts ultimately takes no time to decay and get into the shreds and ruins, which is a loss for the society itself and its people because the society comes into being after a long hard work by the sovereign who designs its artifacts and channels.

Moreover the society is based on ontological projects and the descriptors of different sizes and shapes. Therefore it is the basic foundational construction of the society that needs to be built on the plinth which is strong and durable and can endure on the traditional artifacts and the tools of science too. The structuralist society is therefore the creation of the meaningful process and we should vow to keep our society in the best of the shapes and demographically sound. Thence the moral position of the society makes it clear that it is based on certain visceral and sacrosanct postulates and principles. The predicables and the prerogatives of the men at the helm of affairs, whose role is to construct and shape the society must took a deontic stand to flourish its zeal and worth, and its zest. Therefore the famous layer of the society is itself encoded in the intersubjective principles and domains as also the heuristics and the heuristic modelization and principles and that seems to be the ultimate and deontic morality, based on a joint necessity paradigm.

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