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The Conflicts within!

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By: Sheikh Mudasir

The assorted mentalities of Kashmiris are subject of discourse in every part of this conflict ridden land.  People are busy, every day, discussing politics, religion, developments, careers and unemployment etc. from shops to offices and more in winters from cosy rooms to hamaams. We display our wits on different topics nearly everywhere and believe that we are the most learned nation existing on the planet and the upshot of this brainy learning has made every person an inadvertent speechmaker or an analyst at least.

Since ages we have been the infested with a major political conflict that has robbed us as a people.  This long-lasting conflict is one of the many and major reasons which fathered a spick and span conflict videlicet “the conflict within”. Kashmiris have turned self-contradictory over a period of time.  The worst victim of this contradiction has been the Religion. There is no denying the fact that people here exhibit enormous disposition and devotion to  religion but this cultism is not more than a pro tempore thing.

Our daily lives are dead antagonistic to what we preach or are preached and have become simply the sum of conflicts in public life. Our birth, death, customs, jobs, businesses, marriages, rituals and taboos stand vivid testimony to our conflicting self. We have more varnavyavastha than early India that formed the basis of Indian Society and is still prevalent. We are divided into Syeds, Greesis, Hanjis,Gujjars, chamar, doombs etc. and these terms have become the fab slangs of our society. Late marriages are constitutional here, for employment has been made a footing and precondition. Thousands of women have crossed their marriageable age and are still unwed. Hundreds and thousands of men have been left depressed and frustrated due to diverse social obligations. Least do we know that we deprive our sons and daughters of right to legal union. The conflict is,  when they do it illegally we all become Qazis and Muftis.

Bank Jobs are looked down upon religiously but a bulk of the our population feeds on it.  We talk proud of relatives working in banks,  give them our daughters and sisters for nuptial knot with equal pride. The clerical section gets repeated donations from bank employees and deposit their funds in same banks. We toil hard to get a job in banks, in police, in army, in civil services by hook or crook. Some offer Dakshanas to political gurus and live for their names rest of the life. Then unwittingly beat our chests for religious supremacy in the state.

We have patronized Bollywood, Hollywood and all the music industries with ardor and pride. The technology, weather cyber or physical, swashes on Kashmiri exploiters. Still the irony of religion prevails on all aspects. We use it for our personal benefits and meet our narcissistic ends through this medium. We are Iqbalis when we need religion even for a cold comfort of our substantial profit.  We tend to be liberals when it strikes against our self -serving designs.

This religionism has emptied our human conscience and drained our brains to be rational and logical. Religion is a beautiful thing, it must make men beautiful in thought and practice but when exploited it is the most lethal and irremissible of the human gifts.  We are racists when it comes to practices or taboos but Islamists when ‘freedom movement’ receives a bit gait. We own everything to ‘rebels’ not when they are alive but when they are silenced. We turn to them in thousands for their funerals but pull back when they knock for a morsel.

This Janus- faced attitude is seen also when elections are held here. From ballot to bullet we are caged in conflict. Kashur-chu-Brahman (Kashmiri is a Brahmin), is idiomatically used to certify our conflicting nature. The invincible waves that we rose to in 2008 unrest were followed by a ballot bomb that falls in and these ferocious waves were silenced temporarily. The voices that were echoing ‘Hum Kya chahatay Azaadi’ (We want freedom) were transubstantiated to Gali Gali Main Shor Hay Election ka Zor Hay (each nook and corner resonates with election sloganeering). My word! The land that mothered a different tusnami was appalled to witness the ‘out of  the  blue  termination’.  Be  it the  city  or  village, we  have  diverse  people mushrooming diverse  causes  and  they  seldom  get  on well  with  one  another.  Almost  every  house  here  homes  Bob  Hope  and  Bob  Dylan  and  they champion  different campaigns vauntingly.

In 2009, a  boy  creates  history  by  topping  IAS and a  crowd  of  people  thronged  same  streets to greet this lad for such an uncommon accomplishment.  The placards read ‘you have made us proud’.  A year  before  the  boys  who  jumped  to  airskying  their  hands  for  an  utterly  different  cause passionately became his  followers  and  chose  a  new  course. Now when  he resigned  from  what  he had achieved, we  reel  into  the  confusion  once  again.  These  semesters  of  confusion  are  our  old friends  as  Kashmiris  for  we  are  never  moribund  in  our  desires. Until  we  learn  to  be  cerebral  we cannot  match  to  the  developments  of  the  changing  world.  Unless  we  shun  out  conflicting  wits  and nourish  our  minds  with  coherence we  can’t  succeed  as  a  nation  and  can’t  grow and spring up as rational humans.

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