Towseef Ahmad

Artifacts of Globalization

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The globalization fills in so many gaps of varied sizes and shapes and connects us to the real world, the being is transcended and enormous results are produced. Globalization has at least two major impacts- the theoretical and the empirical. Once we realize the essence of the ontology’s and the semantic web artifacts, we begin to understand the capital flow of the globalization into several of our domains and we should try to enrich our knowledge based on metaontologies and the technical artifacts. The communication technologies and the metametaphilosophies are growing by leaps and bounds and so is our communion and association unfolding and expanding through the processes literally and better known as social ontologies.

Thence we must choose those indicators which are based on realistic parameters. Once we came out of the colonial legacy we knew our aim will be survived by the technology and its vast domains which will let us free through the ontological interpretation and the fundamental wisdom. The cutting-edge realm and the state of the affairs has grown and humans have advanced through the technological determinism and more accurately through the boost of knowledge and the epistemic points of theoretical understanding. Thence the societies which could have been scattered due to the digital divide are already in the harmonious shape and size due to the rich impact of the globalization.

Thence the prime consideration which survives in the contemporary social and the lifeworld is the emancipation of the theories and doctrines which arise due to the technologies like the breadcrumb and the smorgasbord identity. Thence the artefacts, relations and functions of globalization have grown by leaps and bounds and we need to venture forth to curtail the happenings which are untoward for the human welfare or are disastrous considering the natural calamities happening due to climate change and the global warming. Thence there will be no burial of facts, once we know the languages and the rites. The marriage of the things has to happen or in other words has to be promulgated through the joint necessity model based on phenomenology and the ontology, together constituting the structure of the joint communicative inquiry with an emphasis on the joint carving niche of interpretation.

Therefore we must evaluate the strategies of the administration and the bureaucratic top through the critical analysis which is apt and suits to the will and requirements of the citizenry and the being. Thence we must contend those issues and affairs which are not based on the analytical framework and can ruin the essence of those entities which are much needed in the societal cause and emancipation of the ideals of the people flourishing beyond the ordinary points and transcending into the realm of social discipline and harmony. Thence globalization is not a cyberfraud, it is a moonlight scenario of the world which features very important things and characteristic salience and tends to lean the world into a habitat of law abiding people which not only obeys the law but are keen to follow the ethics and the fundamental determinables. Thence being the architect of mixing the cultures is not good unless it is bonafide and beneficial to the overall human cause and social emancipation of the world, which will be fraught and caught in ripples if a sacrosanct and clean path is not adhered and followed.

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