Towseef Ahmad

Phenomenology Based Metaphysics

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Metaphysics is a functional science. The elementary forms and the constitutive nature of the diverse and collectivist attitudes forms a web of the semantic ontologies. It has many functions, and these functions evolve too with the passage of time and over the course of the algorithms. Therefore we have to recognise and focus on the realm itself, the realm of knowledge, via knowledge meta-processes and qua the meta-structures of the phenomenology and the metaphysics. Thence with the show of the phenomenology based metaphysics which is plausible with different orientations and mechanisms, we need to develop and grow the growroom of the knowledge, the technological artefacts and the designed breadcrumbs. Thence knowledge has a typical and a topical dimension both. Therefore it is the practice of things which must be examined and the methodological description of mathematics and the sciences.

The fact is that individualism and collectivism two separate and diverse factors that chip in and it is in that context that we need to further establish and develop the different contours, positions and processes of knowledge and cognition and definitely define the central components of individualism through analysis and enunciation. The question is whether the different propositions, components and dimensions of individualism-autonomy, mature self-responsibility, and uniqueness-can be distinguished from each other in a cultural context and according to the mores of hope and sight. A new scale should be developed to measure the various aspects of individualism which can demonstrate both the consistency and reliability as well as convergent and divergent validity with several other measures of individualism and collectivism and related constructs.

The fact is that we must respond appropriately to the social actions through the values and the philosophical acts and produce the desired consequences which can be helpful to the people and their endeavours and aspirations. It has an impact on our well being. These models also flourish the products of the human mind and the human mind as a whole, and can be conceptualized as schemata of mental representations. All facets of social life-interactions, distributions, evaluations, etc. can be represented as combinations of these fundamental psychological models. The extent of these relational models is related to collectivist attitudes and the perennial individual motives and beneficence. Thence it is the description of our vision and sight that can take us forward in the direction of knowledge and phenomenology based hope and phenomenology based sight of the things. Thence the idea should be to build the transcendental structure in order to examine the paradoxes and clearly bring out the ration and reason of the metaphorical arguments and the categorical mashup of imperatives. Thence the relation of the continuity and the commitment towards the ideas and horizons can make a real difference of beneficence and thought. Thence it is a fact that the whole structure of cosmos consists of the metaphysical nature and the possibility of the metaphysical views. The openness towards the contextual situation should be also of paramount consideration if we have to make our approaches and pragmatic styles through the deontic image.


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