Towseef Ahmad

Metaphysics at Sight!  

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The method, alignment and practice of the knowledge i.e. the knowledge process analysis is, nowadays, readily available in almost all kinds of formats rather in an evergreen formulation of resources, meta-structures, and semantic web ontologies. In other words knowledge is based on ontology, computational models, types of phenomenologies qua the knowledge viz. the meta processes and many different typologies and dialects. Thence almost akin to the breadcrumb and super-structures due to technological smorgasbord finally and more specifically due to the task of erudition carried through the skills of ontological engineering and due to the notions of cosmopolitanism of epistemic interactions and distributive styles of justice which remain in vogue either due to continuity of infinite conditions and facts or due to reality or either through the qualities of mundane entourage and categorical imperatives. This is a reality, it is a fact and there is no denial of this standpoint mechanism and theoretical underpinning.

These classic and modern notions have became contemporary texts in cultural and universal context through the exemplification of metaphysics at sight and applied methodology throughout the modern global village and throughout the world in which we live or see the living conditions of the people according to the diversity or according to the standards and best practices that are at the interplay and intersect of notions and applications which can be utilized in cooperative methods and meta-cognitive comparative accounts of thought and which can be relished and cherished by the progressive mindsets for the outcome of different values and operators of justice.

The point of interest from the view of terminology is that we must iron out the inconsistencies through the critically bent of mind and taxonomic durability so that there would be no unfortunate desiderate and because demonstrations of transparency and accountability will not remain a mere ideal but can be transformed into a harbinger of quality change and methodological success through the metaphysics of sight. Thus each narrative is incomplete if it does not offer the real perspectives and does not answer the gross equalities at the grassroots. Thus we as people should be advised to frame and cast the perspectives anew and according to the recent and typical contexts so that we can provide a better loop of justified richness and thinking qualities.

Thence we must change our positions wherever feasible and bring the comparisons according to the values of practice and practical applications so that we cannot miss the necessary dimensions in growth and development of scenario and shape. In addition to that it is a fact that we can produce things to limelight and bring the advantages and greatest sources of happiness to those people across the different sections who need our vision and help to realize their dreams and aspirations through the virtues of appropriate zeal and keen interest in qualities of justice and thought.

Therefore we must break from those dimensions which do not philosophize our modernity because we cannot remain aloof from the system and its procedures which directly apply to us and to our understanding and constructive way of thinking and affect our behaviour and conduct in several and multitude ways.  Thence we must return to the enlightenment and retain it and at the same time assure the global masses about the possible gaps and loopholes that need to be refigured and curtailed and enhance our modern values on cosmopolitanism. Therefore the people should refrain from the mass violence and the mob violence and address the dilemmas of those who indulge in these sorts of tragedies and crimes.

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