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SBI ATMs go out of order, customers suffer

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Budgam, Jan 30: The customers of State Bank of India (SBI) have shown strong resentment against bank authorities for failing to make Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) operational here at main chowk.

According to bank customers, the main chowk ATM booth has two cash dispensers installed, which often remain dysfunctional, causing inconvenience to them.

“SBI has taken us for a ride. Whenever I try to withdraw cash here, I found ATMs offline. Fortunately, if they are online, they don’t dispense cash,” said a customer, Hyder Rafil.

Locals said that this ATM booth caters to the hundreds of people, owing to its location. “ATMs are placed at the busiest spot of Budgam and SBI is supposed to make the facility available for 24 hours, however, these machines can only be seen working occasionally,” they complained.

Similarly, bank customers alleged that another ATM booth of SBI in Budgam which is located beneath its district bank branch also remain out of order.

Meanwhile, despite repeated attempts SBI branch manager Budgam could not be contacted for the comment

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