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Ganderbal: ‘Madre Meharban’ playground left in ruins

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Ganderbal, Jan 30: Madre Meharban playground located in heart of Ganderbal town is in dilapidated conditions with locals, Sports council and district administration turning a blind eye towards to the issue.

Local sports players said Madre Mehraban playground is a multi-purpose ground and hundreds of players come every day to play here. “The ground is lying in ruins.”

“The playground is used often for government holding  events. Nobody objects to it but such events turn it into a mess,” they added.

A football coach said, “Recently an event was held here and ground was dig at various places and after the conclusion of the event, the playground was left with trash and pits.”

“Sports activities are badly affected here. Players can end up injuring seriously themselves in this ground. Sports council is no were in seen to maintain the ground,” he added.

Players said that the ground also lack basic facilities like changing room.”Lavatory was made available here but it remains locked, changing room was not constructed fully as it is of no use.”

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