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Many villages in Ganderbal district lack playground

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Ganderbal, Jan 29: The claims of successive governments of providing a play ground to every village in the state have fallen flat as many villages in Ganderbal district are without a playground.

Tsearch, Babsipora and Nunar are among those villages in Ganderbal which are lacking a playground.

Locals said they are demanding playgrounds from last one decade but no heed was given to their pleas.

A resident of Babsipora village said, “Our children remain idle during spare time. They end up watching TV or play video games because we don’t have any play ground in our village. Sports is indispensable part of life but our children are unable to participate in sports activities due to the lack of a playground.”

Local sports lovers said that they play on roads as they have no other choice. “We have to travel ten kms to play cricket, football or any other sports in other villages.”

They further added that about 20 thousand people of the area are devoid of any kind of sports infrastructure.

Locals of Tserach village said there is a government agriculture farm in their village which is spread over hundreds of kanals and most of its land remains uncultivated. “If some land of that farm will be converted into a playground, our problem will be solved,” they added.

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