Towseef Ahmad

Meta-Descriptive Metaphysics

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As there are a number of historical explanations and intrinsic characteristics of the scientific realm of phenomenology. There is also the quest towards the narrative explanations in hermeneutic considerations and education in philosophy. In the realm of the phenomenology and the epistemic domain we should try to analyse the materializations and concrete conditions of a social fact and the corresponding societal standards, so that the humanity will make a progress and human choices would be cherished.

Thence the reality of the actual existence or non-existence of a phenomena can help us to build the coherent and congruent mechanisms and verisimilitude of metaphysics and just paradigms of meta-theory. Therefore in case of the hybrid artefacts the normative legitimacy of the deontic values of fairness and egalitarian and liberal standards is not only to be preserved, it has to be emancipated through a systemic analysis and examination of regular exemplars which are applicable and applied to various situations and moral contexts.

Therefore all the levels, the theoretical level, the practical level in artificial intelligence AI and the meta-theoretical level in modern programmes like engineering and robotics we must put ourselves in the appropriate context and framework to provide the clarity on the given circumstances in which the lineaments of the law or morality are tested on a priori and a posteriori grounds and categorical imperatives. What rings therefore as a joint dynamic intelligence and standard is to utilize the plausible theories against the implausible cohere and tendencies. The relativist deontic thoughts and the modern use of the vegetal metaphysics have to be learned through the justified realm of learning the internal dynamics of a context and interontologies existing within the particular situation or a school of thought in which intelligence as learned behaviour is sought to be nurtured and trained for the fulfilling of certain action or a course of appellation.

Thus our endeavour should be to adopt that moral theory whose tenets inculcate a smorgasbord of deontic moral realism which is likely to boost and nurture the paradigms of social nature of a given right and obligation. Therefore it is the lifeworld and rather the holistic view which should form the guiding and underlying proposition for the joint foundation of the propositional knowledge in the meta-theoretical paradigm of the notions of justice and fairness through appropriate inquiry.

Therefore it depends upon the use of the hierarchy of strategies, instrumental techniques and plans to conceptualize and delineate the better artefacts of the notions and framework of reality of distributive and corrective paradigm. Therefore there are heterogeneous and diverse paradigmatic claims made in the oeuvres and venture of fairness and the construct of distributive justice and its contours and materializations.

Thence we should try to explore the problems in the structure of the distributive justice by categorising and consequentializing its important essence and its relationship with the whole of the corrective justice and its underlying programs, including the software instructions and the programming techniques. It depends upon the validation of the requirements of justice and fairness and its coherence and compatibility with the social facts and the social system to uncover the complexities of the institution or the governance system and address the basic problems of the citizenry and provide innovative characteristics of a specification which might contribute in the emancipation of justice and the change of dichotomy accordingly in the applications and metrics of the meta-theory nature.

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