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The significance of ‘Teachers-Training programmes’

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Educational institutions depend upon teachers- good teachers. A teacher is an important element in the whole teaching-learning process and if we desire to realize the complete potential of such a process, effective professional development is required. Professional development is important for student achievement as well as enhancing the overall teaching-learning process.

Modern society demands high quality teaching and learning from teachers, which is only possible through effective teacher trainings.  Teachers have to possess a great deal of knowledge and skills with regard to both teaching and assessment practices in order to meet the demands and standards of quality education. One has to be capable of satisfying the educational requirements of every child who is under supervision and care. As teaching learning is a never ending process, a teacher is to be trained in order to develop teaching skills, knowledge of subject, new proficiency etc that will in turn improve the performance of learners. He has to be an effective classroom manager and should adopt a problem solving approach while in the classroom.

As of now, teachers with little or no formal professional training and experience, take charge of a situation even if they lack professional training. These lacunae can be detrimental for any student who is keen to learn and yet fail to do so because of someone else’s incapability.

Teacher’s professional knowledge and training is an important element to improve learning as well as teaching and assure high-quality teaching and to support innovative means of teaching. Effective professional training will help the teacher to perform in a meaningful way, in the class and will therefore result in more focused approach.

Teachers education and training is intended to equip teachers with the knowledge skills, attitudes and behaviors, which are required by them to perform their tasks effectively not only in the classroom or school but in a community as a whole. Teacher education, training and development are a means of professional upgrading which deal with all developmental functions directed to all maintenance and enhancement of their professional competencies. The performance of teachers is dependent on their professional education as much as on professional training and the performance of any institution is dependent on the performance after all.

Since education systems have shifted from traditional theory based teaching to research based teaching, which has widened the scope of teacher from a mere instructor to a guide, in such circumstances teachers have lot more responsibilities. It is only through proper training and education a teacher can equip himself with innovative skills and methods of teaching.

According to a study conducted by Department Of Educational Science, Islamic Azad University, Iran, it has been observed that there is a significant difference between the performance of trained and untrained teachers in specific performance areas.

In order to highlight the importance of teacher education and training, an international conference on teaching and learning was held on 11-12 April 2018 in London. The conference was held in order to encourage generation of new ideas, innovations, methodological and empirical knowledge and problem solving techniques in the different areas of education and to make teaching-learning more goal oriented, effective and purposeful.

In India, in order to train individuals for equipping them to teach at different stages of schools and to achieve and coordinate development of teacher education system throughout the country, a statutory body –National Council For Teacher Education NCTE was setup in 1995. The body was setup to regulate and maintain the norms and standards in the teacher education system and the methods concerned there with.

Numerous efforts are made at national as well as international level in order to stabilize the system of teacher education and training. As a result of which on the guidelines of NCTE ,Cluster University Srinagar-A state University established under Srinagar and Jammu cluster universities Act, 2006 and run under RUSA Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan, launched a three years Integrated B.Ed-M.Ed programme. For the purpose the university is utilizing the campus and faculty services of the most reputed teacher Education college of valley ,Institute of Advanced Studies In Education, Formerly known as Goverment College Of Education Srinagar The programme will enable students to complete two programms of teacher training with less time of three years and by one time admission.

Unless and until teachers are not  provided with requisite training of teaching skills and methods, attitudes and behaviours, emerging classroom tools and equipments, new curriculum resources , classroom management etc performance improvement cant be expected in teacher’s performance.

The writer is a student of M.ed at IASE Srinagar and can be mailed at [email protected]

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