Akeel Rashid

Soo’n Too’th: In death as in life, you upheld virtuous demeanor by all, for all!

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I vividly remember that last conversation with you when you praised my efforts of trying to be a thinker and writer. You were too generous with your praise as you conferred me the title of being the “SUN” of my clan. You apprised me of my indispensable responsibility by saying “You have to shine”. A lot of people, even my blood relatives, had watched me struggle but you were one among them, after my mother, who acknowledged those strenuous efforts of mine by instilling strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow in me.

I could never find my father giving a “satisfied smile” over my whatsoever attempts of trying to be a ‘good son’ until you, as his close companion, acknowledged me as being one. It meant a world to me to see my father donning a great big smile on his face after getting to hear about my accomplishments from you.

During our last meeting, you had asked me to visit your place someday so that you would shine more of your guiding light upon me. While keeping the plan in the offing, I had inadvertently denied the inevitability of death. Today, after days of your demise, I feel strongly deprived of the only true source of guidance and encouragement in my life.

Your sudden demise has taught me a hard lesson that how people tend to remain so busy planning/preparing for the present and future, and in the meanwhile forget to do the same for what may turn into past within a matter of seconds. This writing of mine is about you, but I wish I could have penned down something in your praise during your lifetime to see that contagious smile on your face.

 Ah! Those verses that eulogized humanness and love

Revered as Soo’n Tooth by relatives and known as ‘Master Sonaullah Malik’ by others was a resident of Naidkhai Sonawari, his demeanour reeked of humility and decency and the low-toned voice of him graced those aforementioned qualities. During those final moments of your life, you upheld this virtuous demeanor by making those around you to vow that they will conduct well with the mankind.

 The richness of your thought, the profundity of your belief in humanity, love and an unending appetite for learning that you chose to craft in your poems, remains, for me as for others, a source of constant inspiration like a beacon of light that breaks through the dark and illuminates life in all its shades, in all its stimulus.

You are, and will always be, remembered as the wise, visionary, a philanthropist, an optimistic, a renowned teacher of your times. All those grieving your loss are reminiscing as to how you, as a philosopher, would describe the God bestowed allurement of bits and bobs of this universe. They also remember this inspirational thought of yours “Ek Lamha Zindagi Hai, Sidyoun Ka Safar Hai, Takmeel Abhi Baaki Hai”

(Life is but an instance drawn on decades with perfection nowhere in sight) which you always used to say.

Soo’n Too’th! I will miss you forever and a day!

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