The resignation that triggered many debates

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By: Mushtaq Hurra

Dr. Shah Faesal and his resignation from the bureaucracy have caught media by storm. All the news channels are abuzz with debates and analysis about the big decision that this IAS topper took. Social Media is flooded with posts, comments and arguments regarding the decision of 2010 batch IAS topper who had become media sensation when he had secured no. 1 spot in the most prestigious examination of the country.

Shah Faesal’s decision is not a mere resignation rather a Tsunami which has shaken the entire nation.  He is upset and disappointed with the murder of political aspirations of commoners here in the state. He has attributed his resignation to the Unabated Carnage, human rights violation and political mismanagement in the state. People have started castigating him, even the choicest abuses have been hurled at him by many.  Many have called him a puppet, and many have gone to the extent of naming him a traitor and a collaborator. However, one section of people has called him brave and have hailed and acknowledged his decision.

Dr. Faesal is young and we know the desperations as well as aspirations of young people here and who among us would not like to have a big chair, a prestigious position. Who among us would like to jeopardize his and his family’s life when every comfort is assured and guaranteed? Many have begun to criticize him for switching over to politics from bureaucracy terming it an immature decision. A particular section is calling the move as revenge against current political dispensation.

However, in my opinion, the decision taken by this gentleman is neither revenge nor immaturity and rather stands out as a strong decision depicting a strong will to serve the masses in a better way. It is not as easy as people might think and is indeed his valour and courage. One needs a steel-heart to take such a decision. Ordinary people can’t take such huge decisions that too at a young age.

What prompted Faesal to take such a decision? Many will argue that there are more comforts in politics, but I won’t agree with such an assertion and if it had been the matter of money, wealth and comforts, then there was no dearth of it for him at a position that he enjoyed. He was earning it with honor and dignity. And, yes, People have every right to differ with my opinion.

While immediately after his resignation, the speculations that he would join a big mainstream political party of the state are yet to be proven. In a recent interview to Radio Kashmir Srinagar, he said that it was not important for him to contest the elections, but for him, the public outreach was more important. According to him, the bruised political aspirations of masses need to be addressed. “We need to break the Shackles Of stereotype politics in the state,”  said Shah Faesal.

We must give credit to Dr. Faesal for his foresightedness, courage, wit and maturity. Any regional political force could have easily lured him in joining a political party while he is probably the one who has the required guts and ability to lead from the front like a true leader and statesman, not like a boss who believes in dragging people behind himself.

Now, the billion dollar question remains unanswered. Which party will he join. He has so far left it to the people of Kashmir to decide his political fate.  He is not hell-bent to serve the people as a politician only. He believes that there are other options of Social service as well. He can do it as a teacher as well. But, I think, he can do as a political leader because we have leadership crisis at the top.  He has made one thing clear that he wants to take part in the mainstream politics. He is all set to contest parliamentary and assembly elections but he has not claimed to change the mindset of people overnight. ” It will take time to change the mindset of people, may be 10 to 20 years. It is not necessarily for me to take the reins in my hands, it may be somebody else as well but I will try to work for a political will and new mindset among my people ” , said Shah Faesal in a recent interview. There is no ambiguity regarding his joining mainstream politics because he can make the best use of his potential and capabilities as a leader only.

Joining Hurriat conference could have been an option for him. But he is probably aware of the fact that he can not extend his political domains and exploit his potential in the separatist camp. There is indeed a confinement where Dr. Faesal can’t expand his big wings. And he is the best person to decide his own fate. He has sought suggestions from the people of Kashmir particularly from youth, for his future course of action regarding joining any party or moving forward but, most probably, he is all set to contest the upcoming elections.

Will he be the Martin Luther King for Kashmiris? Can he emancipate us from the clutches of bondage? Can he break the yoke of slavery? Can he infuse the eagle-like attitude in our brains? He has already proved himself as a role model for many but will he prove to be a real statesman for us or not? Only time will answer!

The writer is a Teacher,  Columnist, Poet, Orator and a Social Activist. He can be reached at [email protected]


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