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Congress cautions people against ‘exploitative and divisive politics of BJP-RSS’

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Srinagar, Jan 13: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) president G A Mir Sunday appealed people of the state to defeat the “exploitative and divisive politics of the BJP and RSS”, saying his party was the only unifying force which stands guarantee to secular fabric in the country.

“I appeal people in all the three regions of the state to rise to the occasion to defeat the exploitative and divisive politics on the part of BJP-RSS and other forces in the state which are desperate enough for power,” Mir, according to a party press release said addressing a meeting of party workers in Khanabal area of Anantnag district in south Kashmir.

The JKPCC president cautioned the people against “exploitative and divisive politics being played” for electoral gains in the country and the state and said Congress party was going to win the Lok Sabha elections in the country and would give a stable government to the people.

“The BJP-RSS and other forces could go to any extent to mislead people on different counts for electoral gains, but we need to counter and defeat them miserably in the large interests of the people both in the country as well as in the state,” he said.

Mir said the ruling dispensation at the Centre and previous regime in Jammu and Kashmir “have done enough damage” to the peace and development of the country and the state, “resulting in deep alienation among the people, who feel betrayed and cheated by the (previous) PDP-BJP coalition”.

“The promises made to the people during 2014 elections by BJP and PDP have fallen flat, not even a single promise was fulfilled, rather the contradiction in their approach and subsequent ‘U-turns’ from time to time pushed the state to a darkest era,” he said.

He said the work done by the UPA government in its two terms had been “undone” by the BJP and PDP.

“The losses caused to peace and development by previous PDP-BJP coalition hurt us because Congress party had done enough to restore confidence among the people and also did its utmost to restore peace in the state, but it is sad and unfortunate that the work done by the UPA has been undone by the previous regime,” he said.

He appealed people to ensure victory of the Congress party with a thumping majority in the upcoming Parliamentary and Assembly elections, saying “only the Congress can give a stable government both in the state as well as at the centre”.

“Congress is the only unifying force which stands guarantee to the secular fabric in the country, besides safety and security of the people irrespective of their colour or religion and it will continue to fight against the forces dividing people on caste, religion or regional lines.

“Congress has served the people to the best of its ability and it will continue to remain committed to the equitable development of all the three regions of the state,” the JKPCC president said.

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