Three wounded in Manchester knife attack: UK police

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London, Jan 1 :  A man, a woman and a police officer were being treated for knife injuries, police said Monday, after a stabbing at a railway station in the British city of Manchester.

Witness Sam Clack, 38, a BBC radio producer, said he heard the suspect shouting “Allah” before and during the attack.

He quoted the suspect as saying: “As long as you keep bombing other countries this sort of shit is going to keep happening.” The attack took place at Manchester Victoria station in the northwest English city on New Year’s Eve.

The suspect has been arrested.

British Transport Police said in a statement that two members of the public and one of its officers was being treated for their injuries. “Officers are attending Manchester Victoria station following reports of a man wielding a knife,” the statement said, adding that the call was received at 8:52pm (2052 GMT).

“A man has been detained and two members of the public, a man and a woman have been taken to hospital with knife injuries.

“A BTP officer is also receiving treatment for a stab wound to the shoulder.” Transport police said officers remained at the scene along with colleagues from the Greater Manchester police force and the ambulance service.

Clack said: “I just heard this most blood curdling scream and looked down the platform.

“He came towards me. I looked down and saw he had a kitchen knife with a black handle with a good 12 inch blade.

“It was just fear, pure fear.”

Clack said police officers used a stun gun and pepper spray before, “six or seven” officers jumped on the man.

Clack said he heard the alleged knifeman shouting “Allah” during the attack.

He added: “He shouted it before, he shouted it during it — ‘Allah’.” “The guy, his exact words were, he said, ‘As long as you keep bombing other countries, this sort of shit is going to keep happening’.”

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