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Under garb of anti-encroachment drive, Govt targeting particular community: PDP

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Srinagar, Dec 23:   Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday said the government under the garb of anti-encroachment drive is targeting only the poor and downtrodden classes while leaving the big land sharks untouched.

In a statement issued here, former minister and senior PDP leader  Naeem Akhtar said the the drive against encroachments will have credibility only if it is applied uniformly and no particular group is targeted.

“As we welcome the drive but at the same time we demand that the governor administration should begin with the land sharks and then come to small holders.  There are reports of senior functionaries in the government and in politics who own huge chunks of land and most of which is reportedly grabbed,” said Akhtar.

He added that targeting particular groups and downtrodden people is creating an impression of victimisation and vendetta against them.

“PDP will stand by these ill-fated people and wouldn’t allow any injustice against them. It is necessary for the Governor also since he is not encumbered by political considerations, that he should begin with the land sharks and then come to small holders.  That is the test for the intentions of the government and the success of the drive will depend on that only,” Akhtar said.

He added that PDP has in fact been the first ever party that in government in Jammu and Kashmir removed encroachments   across the state and it became a people’s movement. Akhtar said that the  success of that  drive was possible only when it was done with fairness and justice and nobody was spared whether he was mighty, politically connected or whatever.

“The PDP government had taken a stand and seen to it that there is no unilateral or selective targeting of people who are seen as encroachers,” Akhtar said.

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