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Citing issues with design, R&B dept stops construction of bridge in Magam

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Locals say the water level of Ferozpora Nallah is low and it is a right time to resume work

Budgam, Dec 22: Instead of gearing up the construction work on the vital bridge in Magam area of Budgam, the Roads and Buildings (R&B) department has stopped the construction citing some issues with design of the bridge.

Residents of Magam said that the R&B started constructing bridge over the Ferozpora Nallah before two months and after few weeks, the concerned department abandoned the project.

“We don’t understand why they stopped construction of bridge. They have no genuine reason as soil test was done and design finalized,” Syed Mohammad Hussain, a local said. “After few weeks of earth cutting on one side of the bridge, the R&B left it.”

Notably, estimated at a cost of around Rs 3 crore, the completion of bridge would provide relief to a large number of people who usually get stuck in traffic snarls for hours in Magam as the area often witnesses traffic jams.

“If the bridge is constructed, the commuting of people from Beerwah, Khag, Poshkar, Arizal and several other areas can become easy. They can use the bridge without getting stuck in traffic jams,” locals said.

Presently, the water level of Ferozpora Nallah is low and it is a right time for department to resume work, residents said.

When contacted, Assistant Executive Engineer R&B sub-division Beerwah, Arif Qayoom said that there are some issues with design of the bridge and they have forwarded it to higher authorities.

About the resumption of work, Qayoom said, “It may be resumed in a fortnight or a month. I can’t give assurance, it can be even delayed.”

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