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No divine panacea for resolving Kashmir dispute

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All stakeholders must come forward for ending this bloody conflict

BY: Er Suhail Ahmad

J&K with a population of 1.25 crore is stuck in a vicious cycle of bloodshed that has consumed around 13000 civilians, 22000 militants since 1989 (According to Ministry Of Home Affairs), thus renderings thousands of children orphan, many a women windows and parents helpless. Besides this huge loss of life, considerable amount of property has been destroyed in violence related events. With every civilian and militant killing begins a cycle of shutdowns or hartals that further lead to killings as well as huge loss to business and public/ private property.

Some of the longest spells of shutdowns were witnessed in recent times including in 2008 (Against Illegal land transfer to Amarnath Shrine Board), 2010 (that started with the killing of Wamiq Farooq, a young student), and the most significant was from 8 July 2016 against the killing of popular militant commander, Burhan Muzaffar Wani that lasted for more than 6 months. There was blockade of internet as well as mobile phones were barred for months together.

The conditions during 2016 agitation were so grim that people had to literally remain hungry, had there been no efforts by local people for arrangement of food, medicine and other essentials, many might have lost their lives to health issues and hunger.

The bloodshed has a very negative impact on the overall psyche of the masses, particlalry youngsters and children and apart from loss of life and property, the constant panic and uncertainty has led to health ailments in people such as hypertension, stress and other mental ailments including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and even depression and psychic issues.

The conditions here are unfavourable for business, tourism and investment due to the same uncertain environment that is prevalent here. There is terrible fear psychosis among people living here and even a fire cracker is enough to create fear and panic among the inhabitants.

Efforts to resolve the long pending issue from government as well as civil society groups have yielded nothing till date though the issue is discussed, quite frequently, in United Nations. The dispute actually poses a threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan, which can destroy the whole sub-continent.

But looking at the current scenario, one is bound to say that whatever has happened here in the past must be left behind and a genuine and honest attempt is needed to end the constant troubling state of affairs here. Dialogue is the only way forward and all the state holders in this dispute must realize that there can’t be a divine panacea for ending this trouble here and now. Efforts are required to by both the countries for the resolution of this bloody dispute once for all keeping in mind that the conflict has been and is constantly consuming lives of numerous people each year.

We are the third generation of youth who are no longer interested in war and bloodshed but want to live a life free from panic, chaos, grief because like every other human ,we have every right to live a peaceful life.

May peace and goodwill prevail in this godforsaken land!


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