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Army warns against ‘March to Badami Bagh’ announced by JRL

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Srinagar, 16 Dec 2018: Terming JRL as a ‘Pak proxy’ and ‘instigators of violence’, Army has warned people against paying any heed to the Badami Bagh March announced by JRL on Monday stating that all the security agencies were grieved at the loss of any civilian life and was doing its best to avoid such occurrences.

“All the security agencies and the civil administration are fighting terrorism and Proxy War, sponsored by Pakistan and its proxies in Kashmir. The objective of the Security Forces  is to bring peace and normalcy in the Valley with the support of people,” a press release issued here said adding that forces have eliminated a large number of militants trying to infiltrate along the line of control and neutralized an even larger number of them in the hinterland making huge ‘sacrifices’ themselves. “These terrorists were involved in many cases of gruesome killings of innocent Kashmiris including civilians, SPOs, Police personnel and other security forces personnel on leave,” the press release added while referring to the recent encounter at Pulwama in which three militants were killed.

“Security forces make every attempt to avoid any loss of civilian lives in cross-fire and minimise collateral damage to property. Loss of any civilian life is always painful for the Security Forces,” the press release added while referring to the civilian causalities in the same encounter at Pulwama in which seven civilians were also killed.

Claiming that ‘the vested interests’ were continuously at work to ‘instigate and mobilise’ gullible youths to encounter sites, Army warned against the call given by JRL for March to Badami Bagh Cantonment terming it as ‘yet another’ such attempt. “Indian Army strongly condemns this call by Pak Proxies and advises people not to fall prey to such designs of anti-national forces. Indian Army is always with the people of Kashmir and would foil all such evil attempts of Terrorist-Separatist-Pakistan nexus to pit the civilian population against the Security Forces,” the press release concluded.

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