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By: Muzamil Manzoor

Every individual desires to be self sufficient and every nation desires to prosper and flourish. A self sufficient nation leads to prosperity which comes from the skills when practiced and nourished early on. Lack of skills and opportunities result in staggering number of unemployed, educated youth- something that the government policies still fail to address!

In our society a student is economically dependent on parents until he/she completes higher degrees and finds a government job. But by then the youthfulness is nearly over. It is a major setback not only for an individual in recognizing his/her strength but also to the society in realizing the contributions that can come from a young and dynamic mind. Once unable to find a government job, the youthfulness drowns down the stream of anxiety, stress, frustration leading to weakened determination and shrilling of the confidence levels. The torment is such that it sometimes leads a person to commit suicide!

One way of looking at the scenario is to be reactionary and start the blame game castigating the government for its failed policies and flawed strategies.  This doesn’t help much as the corridors of power seldom react to such an outcry the way one might think or expect. The other way is to look at the scenario in a positive manner and see what can be done within the given resources to reduce the dependency of youth on government jobs and explore the newer options of survival and prosperity.

As a society, we should be aware of the facts that besides government jobs there are other platforms that can make us self sufficient or even guarantee great prosperity. All that is needed is to clearly look beyond the presumed boundary lines and the preconceived horizons.

It is a known fact that the student community here is bereft of ideation when it comes to continuing studies as well as creating avenues for earning. The structural nuances of our academic as well as societal makeup here disallow any such experimental and experiential breakthrough resulting in shallow and meek possibilities for the student community.

It is the responsibility of the family to ignite a ‘ sense of earning’ in their children. Government jobs can’t be sufficient for a larger section of people as there are limited posts and majority of the population can’t be benefited from it. The idea of economic sufficiency should be part of our academic courses so that a student would find out a way to earn while perusing education by way of making of Skill Development Programs as an academic subject.

The writer is a student of International Relations (Peace and Conflict Studies) and can be mailed at muzamilmanzoor05123@gmail.com

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