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Demonetisation was a bitter medicine to treat corruption: Modi

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Jhabua/Rewa, Nov 20 :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said he used the “bitter medicine” of demonetization to bring back money into banking system and to give “proper treatment to deep-rooted corruption system” in the country.

He also asked people to vote “intelligently” in the November 28 Assembly poll, asking them to ensure that “not even a single Congress candidate” is elected.

Addressing a poll rally at Jhabua for the November 28 Assembly elections, Modi said, “We use poisonous medicine to eradicate termite. Similarly, I used note ban as a ‘tez’ (bitter) medicine to treat corruption in the country”.

“People who used to hide their money under beds, in their houses, offices and factories are now paying tax of every single penny and we are using this money for the right schemes for the common man,” Modi said.

Modi said his government has so far disbursed loans to 14 crore people, “that too without guarantee”, under the ambitious Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

“The amount of work we (BJP-led government) have done in four years, Congress would be able to do it in 10 years,” Modi said.

“Remember the time when Congress was in power here in Madhya Pradesh, what was the condition of people? Madhya Pradesh does not deserve a government which never thinks about the state’s welfare,” Modi said, targeting the Congress party.

On ‘housing for all’, Modi said, “My dream is to provide ‘pucca’ houses to everyone in the country by 2022. We have so far given keys of such houses to 1.25 crore people”.

Attacking Congress, Modi termed the Congress-led UPA regime as ‘Madam ki Sarakar’ and ‘remote controlwali sarkar’.

Addressing a poll rally in Rewa, Modi reminded voters that Madhya Pradesh has a “double-engine” as BJP is in power in the state and the Centre.

Targeting the Nehru-Gandhi family, Modi said, “History proves that no dynasty prevails after its fourth generation rule in Delhi and Congress will also meet the same fate”.

He asked people to “think for a moment” before voting about what Congress has done for them compared to 15 years of BJP rule in the state.

“When a pregnant mother had to be rushed to hospital on a tractor or a cot, there were no roads then from the village to the city. Many times either the mother or the child or both died. Those were the days of Congress rule,” he said.

Asking people to be active participants in development process, Modi said, “If people work for 10 hours, then I will work for 11 hours for the country’s progress”.

Modi credited Chouhan with developing the state. “He is in power for the last 15 years but effectively got only four and a half years as during rest of the period, the state always fought with the Centre for its rights in the UPA-led regime at the Centre, he said.

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