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Do we need an overhaul?

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BY: Javid Rather

Everyone would probably second me if I say that no system here is systematic. Coherence and symmetry seems to be missing from the very DNA’s of our systems. Almost every second person of the overall populace here sheds tears and wails loud at the malfunctioning of the systems & every soul wants the systems to witness a vibrant positive change which is not a sin but the question that arises is who will bell the cat?

And the ailing education sector in Kashmir is no different. There is no denial to the fact that our education system has improved in terms of the infrastructure and other modern facilities but when it comes to the quality education and honing the true talent, we lag behind by miles which not only is a worrisome issue for an ideal society but catastrophic in the long run.

A mushroom growth of private & Government educational institutions has been witnessed during the last three decades in Kashmir which is good as an ambitious society must invest in education massively. But when the comparisons are drawn, one is startled to see the difference. Where is the fault? In the systems? Not really, not fully. The fault lies within us as well -the trinity of STP (Students, Teachers, Parents). It is a gospel truth that the students seem to have lost all the creativity as they are spoon fed which makes them rely rather than reliable. Nobody addresses the issue as students are highly pressurized to gain good grades and the only easy way they feel to achieve it is by the way of cramming the things up and vomiting the crammed things in exams. Students cut a sorry figure whenever they are asked to create rather than recreate and it is very pathetic. Thus, it is the high time for the parents to realise that good grades can never ensure good careers. The strengths of the children along with their weaknesses are to be figured out and in accordance with that the students are to be supplemented.

Teachers are the most prized possessions of any society, the true assets and invaluable treasures. No positive transformation ever can come if we don’t have the quality teachers. I must endorse the tireless efforts of the teachers in making our society a better one. But at the very same time, it won’t be wrong to say that a large chunk of teachers is still glued to the conventional and traditional methods of teaching wherein they believe that their job is to complete the syllabi by whatsoever means possible. Of course, that is their job but not the job as a whole. The teachers have to adopt the new methods to draw the best amongst the worst. The methodologies need to be reviewed and experimentation needs to replace the theoretics to some extent. A teacher must create flavours wherein he is of the similitude that of a teacher, preacher, Narrator, actor, artist, expressionist etc. This will inspire the students in many ways. The teachers need to understand that their taught don’t share the same capacity and talent. The segregation of students on the basis of grades has to be shown the gate. Every talent of the child (Small or big, Relevant or irrelevant) needs to be honed by them so that schools become the spots of attraction for all the kinds of students rather than just to the academically meritorious ones.

Students are the pillars of a nation and their foundations must be strong. Rather than madly following the trends, this is the right time for students to come to terms with the fact that they need to invest their energy and efforts in the areas of their interest and capabilities. It pains when we see engineers, architects and other technocrats applying for the posts not meant for them and vice versa. Students must choose their fields carefully and when the trinity will coordinate the things in unison, the day is not far when our education system will witness the dramatic changes.

(The author is a former Teacher & can be mailed at javidrather006@gmail.com)

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