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Indian-origin MPs in Singapore aim to expand social work via parliament

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Singapore, Sep 28:  Two Indian-origin Singaporeans, named among nine nominated members of parliament, aim to expand their social and labour work during their tenure in the House.

The nine were selected from 48 members nominated by the public because of their community services. They will serve half of the parliament’s five-year term.

Abbas Ali Mohamed Irshad, 29, has been involved in social activities since his student days. He hopes to encourage the youth to get involved in politics and honour the values and efforts of Singapore’s leaders.

“Our founding fathers have put in a lot of effort building what we have. We cannot take peace, prosperity and progress for granted,” Irshad was quoted by Tabla!, a Friday weekly on the Indian society in Singapore.

The Tamil-speaking leader feels political apathy is an issue facing the youth of Singapore.

He wants to address issues like job mismatch and rising costs of living. Irshad will represent various communities – youth, Indians, Muslims, Tamils and Singaporeans at large – in parliament, reported Tabla!

Unionist Arasu Duraisamy, 50, advocates re-skilling workers. “I fully understand the need for our workers to be trained [to] keep up with the changes in the industry,” said the general secretary of Singapore Port Workers’ Union.

He has served the union for 25 years and plans to gather feedback from sections of labour movement in Singapore.

“We can do more do educate and raise awareness about how tripartism at the sectoral and middle-management levels can be a valuable one,” said Arasu.

President Halimah Yacob presented the instruments of appointment to the nine nominated members of parliament during a ceremony Thursday.

The members will be sworn-in next week.

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