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Country cannot run on one single idea: Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi, Sep 22 (PTI) Congress President Rahul Gandhi Saturday said there was a feeling among people that one ideology was being imposed upon them and asserted that the country cannot be run on one single idea.

The strength of the country, he said, is that people are allowed to discuss ideas.

Attacking the government over its education policy, Gandhi said government institutions should be given precedence over private institutions and the government should put money to strengthen them.

“Government institutions should be the guiding light and not private institutions. The government should put money in the system to strengthen government institutions,” he said addressing eminent academicians at an event at Siri Fort auditorium here.

He said there is feeling that ideology is being imposed.

“You feel an ideology is being imposed upon you. This sense and this feeling is not only in your heart but it is in everybody’s hearts from farmers to labourers. The country cannot be run from one single idea,” he said.

“The fact that we allow people to talk to discuss. This is the strength of our country it is not the weakness of our country. If we see 3000 years of India’s history, we are going to win. We are not going to lose,” he said.

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