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Sort out problems of roadside vending, traffic problems: HC to Govt

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Srinagar, Sep 12: The High Court today directed the authorities to sort out the issues like occupation of roads by vendors, wrong parking, honking in prohibited areas and over-loading of passenger vehicles in the state.

A division bench comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice D S Thakur directed the authorities to sort out the occupation of roads by vendors, wrong parking, honking in prohibited areas, over-loading of passenger vehicles and many other related issues.

The court observed that the presence of vendors on roads and footpaths is causing a huge trouble and impediment in plying of smooth traffic as also to the commuters.

The court directed the Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to examine the matter by providing vending zones in areas already identified by it.

It shall shift the vendors to delineated vending zones and make it certain that vending is confined to these areas only, it directed.

With regard to problems at junctions in the city the court directed the Traffic Commissioner to sort it out saying it is the main cause of traffic jams in the city.

In this connection the court also directed the Public Works Department through its Chief Engineer to report the action taken on the matter and submit solutions to these problems before the next date of hearing.

The court was appraised by the concerned officials that for parking the vehicles on roadsides there are almost 112 spots available and identified in the city with some of them already in use.

However, the staff deputed to these parking slots is not trained which causes inconvenience to the public, the officials admitted.

It was suggested that modern technological parking be introduced in the city so as to ease out the related inconveniences.

The court directed the SMC to address this issue with utmost urgency and report compliance on next date of hearing. The court further directed that no vehicle should be allowed to park outside the bus stands at Parimpora and Pantha Chowk.

Earlier submissions by SMC reported of major plans for the smooth management of traffic in the city to which the court asked for communication to advisor on traffic for examination.

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