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Vox popli: The rising Crime and scenario in Kashmir 

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What was unheard of, absurd has become a norm!

Once known for its rich cultural ethos of peace and tranquility, its pluralism and liberalism and its utter devotion to human values, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is experiencing a highly disquieting scenario with incidents of crime reaching to an alarming level here. The abode of sufi saints where if, ever, the color of evening sky would turn dark red, people would murmur to each other that some innocent person, somewhere in the world, has probably been killed! However, Kashmir has gone through a lot and seen a lot over the past several decades and what is alarming is the trend of crime that has emerged as a stark naked reality of barbarity and savagery plaguing the society at large.

What could be the reasons and how to collectively find out a way out of this moral quagmire, Kashmir Images reporter speaks with a few people to know their views. excerpts:

Dr. Sheikh Amina Masoodi

The rising crime rate in the state is a horrifying reality of our society and it needs strong condemnation from all sections of the society. Just some time ago, crime cases would seldom appear in the newspapers and people here have always been proud of the fact that they were living in a well-knit society with rich moral values. But the same isn’t true of today’s Kashmir as crime is the new headline here and each newspaper, all over the social media, it is the crime that is reported every now and then. We come to know about horrific crimes against women and children here apart from other crimes including loot, dacoit and kidnappings etc. Crimes committed by locals, very close relatives and other perpetrators are nearly a daily routine here and it is simply shocking!

Apart from the law enforcing agencies, people have a responsibility to play a vital role to ensure that such crimes do not happen here. It is the duty of all that we, in our own capacity, try and contribute ourt bit to change the unfortunate reality of this place.

Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor                                                 

The recent case of Uri is heart wrenching.Very hard to accept this reality that our society has degraded to such an extent. Those who we think are our protectors can turn our molesters and killers, can we not put our head down and curse ourselves what we have become…. No doubt we are living in conflict and society had become brutalized due to too much of bloodshed and violence. But it doesn’t mean that we should ignore the basic values of our society and can shut our eyes to this brutality….this case needs intense investigation and death sentence to criminals who are involved in this gruesome murder. I request all conscientious people to rise against it and do fight for the safety of our girls and restore faith in our institution of home. Ordinary or elite- all feeling unsafe inside and outside of homes. There is no institutional mechanism to get redressal of women’s issues except women’s commission which is now defunct after governor rule. Despite odd situation home was women’s comfort zone and she consider queen of house… Recent incidents of KATHUA and URI has put question mark on our basic unit of life–home.

Adv Abdul Maalik Mir

It is generally believed that the traditional Kashmiri society was nearly a crime free society. It follows that crimes were neither committed in an organized way nor were reported by people at large. People lived a peaceful non-violent life in which they never witnessed or heard about any major crime. But today’s Kashmir is a different Kashmir with both traditional and modern crimes  comprising of murders, rapes, dacoit, arson, eve-teasing, dowry deaths, economic crimes like corruption,  drug trafficking, smuggling, wild life trafficking, crime against women and children etc . One recent field study of Srinagar city revealed that almost 86% people agree that crime rate has increased in Srinagar city. Most people believe that rise of conflict situation is the primary cause of increased crime rate. A maximum of 38.28% people follow this opinion. The other main reasons are excessive freedom to youth (22.91%), socioeconomic insatiability (10.30%), immorality (10.30%) and poverty (4.18%). The most prevalent crimes in Srinagar city are crimes related to women, crimes related to alcohol and drugs, property crimes, motorized traffic crimes, cheatingand the cybercrimes.

We are all responsible for this mess because it is the responsibility of the parents to give religious and moral education to their children’s and secondly society as well as religious scholars should discuss the growing criminal behavior in public domain.

Abrar Hassan

Kashmir Known as “Per Waer” for its rich Sufi traditions and unfortunately seen a degeneration of sorts with crimes, especially related to women, across the state have been increasing drastically. Crime has become a daily headline in our media but the society as a whole has not been able to find out a lasting solution to it. There has been no civil society initiative to try and understand the various causes for this increase in crime rate here and neither have there been any profound measures taken by the concerned authorities to assess the situation. We protestedthe Kuthua rape and murder case, police arrested the culprits and lodged them inside the jail and just a week ago another 9 year old girl was raped and murdered in Uri by her own people- our conscience is dead and we are only protesting for the same of protesting and for making a political statement when none of us is actually concerned about this growing trend of crimes.

Today it is someone in Uri and tomorrow it could be someone around the city- in my and your home. How long shall we dodge the question and shy away from the responsibility? We have to come forward and try putting an end to this heinous trend by knowing the reasons of it and spreading awareness among the masses.


Let me tell you frankly, Kashmir is slowly experiencing heinous crimes which include rape and murders and time will come when none will be able to stop this. Since past many years it has become a trend here to read such news every single day. Jammu rape and murder case shocked not only valley but entire world and everyone condemned and protested, but unfortunately none came forward in discussing and thinking about how we can save our society.

Just few days ago another gruesome act was reported from Uri in Kashmir valley when close relatives of a young girl, a 9yr old daughter of this society, was raped and brutally murdered. Police did its job efficiently by solving the murder mystery in quick time and arrested all the accused. But the civil society seems in deep slumber and isn’t waking up to this growing trend that is threatening our daughters, sisters, mothers and all. It is unfortunate reality of Kashmir today but people can come together and play a vital part in saving the society from further decay!







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