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Kashmir imbroglio: Can a conflict last forever?

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By: Saim Umer 

Are there really no solutions to Kashmir problem? Are we all going to face this democratic Hitlerism for generations? Every morning I wake up and get to know someone has been killed, someone arrested, some innocent school going kids losing their eyesight for something that they don’t even know. Many people are scared and I am also fearful that if I go outside I might not come back!

According to the report of Ministry of Home affairs (report on March 13, 2018) More than 70,000 terror incidents have been reported in J&K over the last 28 years ending 2017, in which 22,143 militants were killed and 13,976 civilians and 5,123 soldiers lost their lives. I don’t think these lives were useless or less important than anyone among us! Less political acumen, no visionary policy and also human rapacity for land as well as rivalry between the two nuclear neighbors has blindfolded the political elite who refuse to take necessary measures to resolve this long pending issue. It is tragic to see how loss of human life is just another count for the political elite and policy makers who have no regard for human life and carry on with the age old atmosphere of hostility and hatred.

Killing people on any context is wrong or maybe I am a pacifist and don’t see any reason, howsoever noble, howsoever righteous or howsoever patriotic the reason may be. But decoding a conflict in the 21st century is way too easy than resolving a jigsaw puzzle and  people who call themselves intellectuals, especially those who have been elected by a large number of people for their intellect to serve, are seemingly unable to understand the very basics. Or maybe everyone has some vested interests? Maybe it is an entirely different ballgame! Anything, everything but killings-no way justified!

Kashmir has witnessed massive human rights abuses and the reports regarding the magnitude of such unfortunate eventualities have been acknowledged by international rights and peace organizations. Many international rights organizations have enough dossier to suggest that Kashmir is one of the most militarized zones in the world and that peoples genuine demands have been trampled upon time and again. Dissenting voices are choked and suppressed by any means available.

People are killed here for having a different viewpoint, our journalists are scrutinized and censored and there is no scope for free discussion and debate. The tragedy is that one cannot question what is seen as morally or politically correct here and any differing voice is doubted and often silenced.

The current chaotic scenario is the most difficult patch in the history of Kashmir conflict and people are suppressed to the point of no return. The graph of violence has gone tremendously up and, after a point, it seems useless to make sense out of things and rage takes over reason. That is what has been happening here and there are reasons, very vivid and clear reasons for it. But is there a will to demystify the mystery for the sake of humanity. How long shall we suffer unabated and how long shall the political discourses continue to hatch conspiracies against peace and a permanent solution to Kashmir issue?

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