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Nizamuddin Bhat urges for unity to save constitutional guarantees which are under threat

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Srinagar, Sep 02: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat has appealed people to forge unity and sustain the present atmosphere of shared concern on issues of common good like saving the constitutional guarantees which are under threat from belligerent communal force.

Bhat in a statement said that most of the ills afflicting our society emanated from loss of collective conscience and cohesion.

“Much has been lost in its absence and nothing good can be retrieved till we get together at political and societal level,” he said.

Bhat said, “We need to restore to ourselves that past glory we were globally respected for. People have reached a pass where they foresee more helplessness, sufferings and worries as the emerging trends around are seemingly more hostile and damaging.”

He said there is, however, a hope offered by a generation which is resistant and ready to stall further intrusions into their inherited identity and ethos. “That asset needs to be secured through positive support and right direction.

Bhat said both religious and political groups who stand for Kashmir’s shared history and culture and are fairly sensitive about state’s political aspirations should not pull in different directions in any hour of challenge like it is posed now.”

He said there is a vicious circle of violence devouring best of our talent with uncertainty spoiling our resource to grow and develop.

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