Shahid Majeed Mir

Of fake doctors and real patients!

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The Health sector of each state is administered by the respective state governments. Jammu and Kashmir also regulates and controls health sector through such authorities vested with the responsibility of establishing checks and balances and regulating the sector under a proper supervision. The Health ministry, heath department overlooks health policies and laws framed to ensure healthcare. A hierarchy of Hospitals and medical institutions- SKIMS , SMHS , DH and SDH with dovetailing number of primary health centres has been established to look after health sector and ensure that masses get the best possible health care.

However the emergence of private sector that extended its reach to enormous levels has also posed many a great questions to the overall health scenario in the state. Private hospitals have been established at various district headquarters apart from the very prominent and visible practice of single-clinic-cum-single – Doctor which is widely prevalent in nearly all areas of the state. This practice involves a big chunk of professionals who try this way to grow their businesses. Most of these private clinics, unfortunately, are unregulated, unregistered and also unfriendly to patients- a fact that is evident from the very recent expose in which a fake doctor was caught practicing at a clinic for a number of years and befooling the poor patients.

On the one hand these clinics charge unbearable fee while on the other hand this tradition also creates space for fake doctors as, in the slightest negligence by the authorities, mushrooming of such clinics always poses a threat to health care.

The rising trend of fake doctors in Kashmir is unheard of and one is aghast over this criminal trend that shows no concern for human life and poses a great threat to human wellbeing. In a recent case, such a doctor was caught red-handed and it indicates that how fake name plates, degrees etc can fool people into believing these thugs. But one can understand that when in pain people tend to believe, without any question, a person sitting in a clinic, wearing a white gown with stethoscope wrapped around his chest. The criminal who posed as a doctor must not be spared and the government must make an example out of this case for the rest of the thugs who take human life for granted and give a damn about the authorities.

The subsequent uncovering of facts revealed that the fake doctor was a mere 10th grade student who failed miserably and became a fraudster by posing as a doctor. The person very well knew the loopholes in the system that allowed him to exploit the situation to his interest and it was reported that he had been posing as a doctor for a few years now and had gained trust among the masses of the area.

Medical profession is a very noble profession and those who pose as doctor are rather playing with hellfire. But such incidents also puncture holes in the state administration and regulating authority’s claims that everything is fool-proof and all clinics etc operate on proper licenses issued by the relevant authorities. Such unfortunate incidents also result from the ignorance and blind belief of the masses who take everything on the face value and do need feel the need to inquire about things around them.

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