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‘Trout Nallah’ in Ganderbal fears extinction, dying for lack of attention

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Ganderbal Aug 08: Water bodies in Kashmir are not only shrinking day by day, but are actually in the throes of death. One such water body in Ganderbal more popularly known as Trout Nallah has come under extensive encroachment; besides, dumping of garbage and the release of effluents in the Nallah goes on unabated.

The Nallah flow through Warpura and Dudurhuma area of Ganderbal town and finally flows into Sind River.

Local residents said, “The Stream was known for fresh water fish Trout. There was a time when we used drink water from the Nallah, but the water of the stream stinks now.”

“Trouth Nallah has shrunk to such an extent now that it looks more like a drain,” they added.

According to the locals, last year District administration carried out a special cleanness and anti encroachment drive to clean the Nallah under ‘Swachta He Seva’ program, however, they said that these kinds of drives should be held at regular basis to restore the lost glory of the Nallah .

Shaheen Ganderbali, a local social activist, said, “The condition of the Trout Nallah  is a blot on the concerned administration. The Nallah should be demarcated and a breast walls should be constructed along the banks of Nallah to save it from encroachment.”

Shaheen Ganderbali further said, “The Nallah was bisected from its original source at Warpora because of construction of bund for Hydrorelctric power canal and since then it has become a cesspool.”

“Authorities need to save the water body, otherwise it will only remain a history in coming years,” He added.

Speaking to Kashmir Images JE Irrigation and flood control department Ganderbal, said, “We carried out a cleanness drive last year and were also able to retrieve the encroached land to a large extent. We will soon start another drive aimed at curbing the pollution of the Nallah.”

“In consultation with revenue the department, we will demarcate the Nallah and action will be taken against the encroachment,” the JE added.

When contacted, Rabia Yousuf, Tehsildar Ganderbal she said, “We have already submitted the report of encroachment, around the Trout Nallah, to irrigation and flood control department and if the department is planning to conduct the drive, we will co-operate.”