Mushtaque B Barq

Basking in the royal sunshine

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How trouble-free it is to pin down imperfections when one stays back in the air-conditioned room to scrutinize footage of those basking in so-called ¬¬- royal sunshine. A wonderful creature is a man and when given a chance not owing to his talent, but for being good for nothing to occupy a seat by default to please the boss; his failures encourage him to turn his ‘manliness’ into a lethal despotism. An injured lion is more dangerous than a hungry lion, but the one in the cage surpasses the two in the act of brutality. Within that cage, the mind at work designs unimaginable concoctions of venom to check the growth of those with wings. Cut a wing of a bird. It is dead. A dead bird attracts a crowd of ants to take the share from the decomposed mass. Rest goes to dust and dust seems to the rest a commodity insignificant.

Beasts spare none for they are meant to be so. Life at times halts the pendulum of a clock and the swing in opposite direction has spoiled many. Changing the time machine can never alter the accuracy of the wall clock in terms of space and time. The wall clocks but keep ticking to mark the man’s ‘manliness’ and for the time being one may get a chance to chill in the comfortable room at the cost of stripping the already loose skin of those in the field to make the sunshine pass through the fissures of corrupt minds. Life indeed can topsy-turvy the clock and the comfortable room, in that case, may get back its original wall clock to impress upon the reality – that bites and bits at unimaginable spots, leaving one ashamed of his autocracy. In a queue of defaulters take down the dictations of your own self to rectify your flaws rather than getting a label from someone who like you has never introspected, never examined his own tools before putting them in use for the poor show.

Seeking comforts and zooming at a man in the field sowing the seeds of wisdom, can never be easy, for he only knows the bite of a royal sunshine that takes the rays on his naked shoulders. If at all laziness is confirmed on anyone that is a technician who keeps an eye on the monitor to pick loopholes. It needs a lot of knowledge and exposure to criticize a performer otherwise for picking errors ignorance serves well than a cold glass of water after basking under the scorching sun. The most satisfied handy work of a lazy fellow is to rely on what a camera records. He remains poles apart what the lens of a camera fails to digest. Before one makes a decision, one has every right to re-think before diffusing it down the lanes. The opposite swing of the pendulum knows how to make the bob to hit the edges. Edges are delicate like human feelings. At every workplace, accountability is mandatory like maintaining discipline and behavour, but same measuring rod must be put to use while reading and rating the other parameters. A balance looks in order only when both the weight and the product make the beam straight; any deviation is liable to punishment. Shall we blame weight or the product? The one who sells obviously blames the package and the one who buys; his choicest abuse is spared for the weight.

A decent way to analyse one’s work is to understand his challenges, comprehend his capabilities and above all know his mind before passing a ‘sentence’ on a sheet of paper in punitive language to distort his image, to put his previous records in the bin. Words are words, use them in the best possible way, let words not exceed humanity. Language is too flexible; one's diction exposes his state of mind, his filth that rests in the recesses of his so-called human skull. Attitude and attire are opposite to decency and development. If you have the worst words at your kitty, do homework; replace them with human and humble expressions that make you significant, effectual and remarkable. Good homework is a sign of a good student. A bad student spoils the show for he makes use of ordinary and instant response rather than taking time to settle and respond suitably. What good a virtue be if it does harm others and benefit only a handful. Think bigger; think twice before slicing the jugular vein of a goat that only knows what has been passed on.

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